Where to Find the Biggest Large Mouth Bass

The Big Ones, Where to Find Them?

People always ask me where I find my trophy Bass. They want to know what I look for, how deep I find them and what it is that makes a particular spot better for big lunker bass than ordinary ones. I’ve even been followed by other fisherman trying to find out where the big Bass are hiding. The answer to where to find the biggest bass is a surprisingly simple one.

To understand this, we will need to learn the basics of social behavior and hierarchies among large mouth bass (and pretty much every other species in the animal kingdom). If you were a male bass, your main objective in life would be to eat as much as you can while avoiding being eaten yourself so that you can become the biggest fish around. If you could accomplish this you would be the first pick among female fish when it comes time to mate because you have the kind of genes that allow you to not only survive but dominate among your fellow fish. It is this alpha male characteristic that shapes so much of fish behavior. Another benefit to being the biggest fish is you pack the hardest punch (or in this case nose-ram) in a fight. In the world of fish, and most animals, there’s no two ways about it – bigger is better. Bass are extremely territorial and aggressive – especially right after spawning so you can see why it is handy to be big when you have this behavior in your genes.

Now what does this have to do with finding your derby winning large mouth?


You may or may not already know what makes a great place for a bass to live (lots of cover, structure, shade). Some spots provide much more cover, shade and so forth than others. Which bass will inhabit these spots? The biggest.

This is simply because they are willing to fight for it. The biggest fish around can defend his perfect spot from all the others. That’s why you will 9 times out of 10 find big ol’ large mouths in the thickest of cover, among the thickest cluster of submerged trees, under the dock that happens to have nice patch of weeds in front of it and a night light running while the rest do not (light attracts bait fish at night). These big bass have earned their right to a life of luxury in the prime underwater real estate.

That’s why when you are looking for lunkers, it’s as simple as finding the most obvious bass territory. When you see something that makes you think “there has just got to be bass in there”, you are probably right. Not only that, but there are BIG bass in there. It’s as simple as that.

You may discover that finding the big ones is easiest when the bass have just finished spawning. That’s because at this time of year they still posses those super territorial and aggressive instincts that helped them guard their eggs in the spring (yes it is the males who watch the nest while the females take off and go feeding). As the year progresses these traits are not so strong but don’t worry. These are large mouth bass we’re talking about here. They are fighters any time of year, just more so in late spring or early summer depending on how far north or south you are fishing.

So with this in mind, what should you do when someone pulls a monster large mouth out? If possible, remember the exact spot where it was caught. The runner up should have moved in within a few days!

Ask any professional fisherman what the single best thing you can do to catch lots of fish is and they will tell you to have confidence. I can’t help you with that one. But ask them what the second most important thing is and they will tell you know your fish inside and out. Just as in war, you have to know your enemy. Now that you understand a key aspect of large mouth behavior, you are ready to use it to go find that trophy fish! However, there is much, much more to know about our favorite freshwater fish. Knowing where they are alone won’t always put them on your hook.

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