VCU Bass Fishing Team hosts regional tournament

We’re VCU bass fishing team and we’ve gotthe Bassmaster regional coming to fish onthe James. So VCU gets to host their own fishingtournament, for once. A lot of people in Richmond don’t really knowwhat bass fishing is, or that it can be donethis close to the city. So it’s kind of niceto get the word out and tell people aboutit, and spread some interest and get peopleinterested in fishing. These are the live wells. So when we catchour fish, we just pop them in here. Thesefill up full of water, and circulate it, sothe fish stay fresh all day for weigh-ins. Because each dead fish is a penalty, and that’snot good. Here’s where the gas tanks and batteriesare. So we put our oil, or charge up the batteries. 52 gallons of gas. So, we do some moving. And this is a 200 horsepower Mercury. A prettytrustworthy engine. I like it. It’s going to be fun. We’re excited. We’vefished a lot of tournaments where we go placesand don’t really know what to do. We don’tknow what to throw. We’ve gotta ask the localpeople what’s going on. What time of yearis it?Are they spawning? What’s the deal. But it’s nice to already know what’s goingon, already know what we have to do. Gettinga game plan nice and early, and just takessome of the stress away. And gain a littlebit of confidence.

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