Yea, yea, I hear you…the vlogs are pretty Neistat-y. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Let your idols and role models influence your work and build upon that with your own personal style.. Anyway all that aside, here’s a quick little vlog for you guys. I didn’t really plan on making a video from this day but I had some solid clips compiled and decided why not! If you’re interested as to how these fish were biting and how I caught them I’ll leave the saucy dets below. Thanks for watching! Keep fishing, never stop.

Song: Possible — Artist: Montell2099

Rod: Cousin’s Tackle Raze 6′ 9″ Med —
Reel: Aldebaran 50 6.2:1
Line: 12# Seaguar Invizx
Lure: Megabass Vision 110/Perch

Major details:
-Strong current
-Fish were sitting in the eddies (slack water)
-Fish were not eating jerkbait whole, only swiping
-Est. water temp was 57-60
-Bite seemed to pick up as the sun went down
-Water clarity was 1ft or less visibility
-Average depth was 1-2ft (very shallow)


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This video was filmed with…
Canon 70D w/ 10-18mm Lens

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-Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015


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  1. Hey Jon, Can you do a video on how to cast lighter baits? Had the worst bird nest of my life today and was trying to cast a lighter jerk bait due to my bigger jerk bait having bent hooks..

  2. Down here in GA Bass pro is waaay better than Cabelas. I went to Cabelas once and am never going again. Cabelas didn't even have damn flukes for heavens sake

  3. I wouldn't even be mad at Cabela's, just that lady for being a bitch. No reason she had to say anything. Yeah, maybe it's a policy, but no reason it needs to be enforced. Unless you're a bitch.

  4. Fuck Cabela's. They have junks anyway. I don't get the policy. If you take videos, it should actually be a nice ad for them. But they didn't get it. Oh, nice video as always!

  5. If you are ever on the east coast, let me know. I'd like to meet you since we are into the same types of things and I'd love to take you on a yearly tradition of mine which is to go on a deep sea fishing trip off the coast of NJ with my friends. Loving the videos, keep it up.

  6. quick question, are you in highschool and if you are, does it have a bass fishing team? just knew state was coming up for the kids at my school and was wondering if you were fishing in that. I live close by to the hoffman estates cabelas you were at so just wondering, anyways nice videos man keep it up

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