Giant largemouth bass eat a swimbait one after another.
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  1. What do you mean, "Down Here"… that's where this was filmed. :-p
    I don't know if you know, but I'm a guide on the lake. And yeah, that set up should work just fine. I'm using Dobyns 807, and 908 in the video with a curado 300 and calcutta 300 TE. 

  2. Matt is simply the funnest to watch catch fish on Youtube, period. He's down to earth and he don't feed u a lot of bull about different baits. He knows what works and if you follow his videos and research you'll catch more fish. I tried his jig modifications with phantom crawls and put 3 keepers in the boat when nothing else was getting bit. Thanks Matt.

  3. Sure! For that setup, a Dobyns 806H and a Curado 300 would be great. Its light enough to throw the smaller baits but will also bridge the gap in to the lighter 8 inch baits. Best of all, it also works great with most wakebaits. As for line, I like heavy braid tied to a 25-30 lb mono or flouro leader. If you go to the main tactical bassin website I've got links to the specific products that I use. 

  4. hey awesome vid can u reccomend a rod and reel mainly 6 in maybe the 8 (hope i can get some hudd 68s) i want use this all round punching and frogging too. can i even do that? also what line

  5. It sounds like you're using lower-grade equipment. Usually when you get bit on a swimbait it will be a sharp "tick" and is very detectable. I don't know what you're using but a more sensitive rod may be in order. 

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