Topwater Tip #5 For Bass Fishing: How to Fish a Popper

Alex Rudd demonstrates how to fish topwater for summer bass using the BD Series Popper. He breaks it down into rigging, retrieval and location.


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  1. Off topic question….I fish a pond that has 5-10lb bass in it. It is unfished beings that it's on my work property. Well the conditions are terrible, nothing but grassy mat everywhere. It's honestly horrendous and I don't know how to get these fish. I use a frog but I want different options. It's pretty shallow, and there's literally nothing but THICK mat everywhere. Please help!!!!

  2. Patience is a virtue ! I've learnt in my 30 some odd years of fishing is that you need to tease them and be patient , If you rush you'll end up with nothing . Good things come to those who wait ! Most fish won't attack a bait if it's to active ' They prefer a easy target ! Great video keep up the good work …….

  3. I have no idea where this is but it looks exactly as I remember a spot I used to fish from crappie with my dad when I was a wee lad. It was killer in the spring when they were spawning and we could walk in and get out of heavy wind blowing from any direction.

  4. So if I only have a 6"0 rod what type of fish can I catch with it? Also haven't spooled line onto it yet, I'm a newbie fisherman if you will lol, so what type of fishing line would you advise me to put on my reel? I know 8lb monofilament is good for bass but what kind of bait should I use if I have a shorter rod? Thanks. Love your videos so far. Just subscribed 😎

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