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Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResource. com. And today I’m with Chad Warner with BOOYAHBaits. We’re looking at a brand new bait. This is a really interesting concept here. It’s a topwater, but it’s a crankbait. Chad, tell me a little bit about this. Chad: So this is the BOOYAH Prank, Glenn. Okay, three different actions you can getfrom this bait, okay?Your gonna get your traditional popping sound,traditional Pop-R sound, you can get a flippingshad sound, sends a little bit of water straightup out, and then you can get a crankbait action,so it swims through the water column abouttwo feet deep, really seductive swimming action. Glenn: So underwater, this feather tail lookslike a fin. Chad: It looks like a fin. It looks just like a fin swimming back andforth as this bait’s going through the watercolumn. About two and a half, two feet deep, somethinglike that. Glenn: Okay. Chad: Yeah. Glenn: So because it’s not a deep diver, youdon’t have to worry about getting in tangledin the weeds or anything like that. Chad: No, no. Glenn: It just goes underneath the surface. Chad: Yep. Glenn: So what about the popping action onthat, how does that differ from like a regularPop-R?Chad: So the key action on this one, so two. . . again,two different popping sounds, so your traditional”bloosh” sound that you’re gonna get, andthen you get your flipping shad sound. So what you wanna do is just leave a littlebit of slack in your line, barely hit yourline, and the way that’s gonna happen is thatlip is gonna pull the mouth straight down. And that straight down action sends a littlesplash of water up just like a flipping bayfish. Mimics it perfectly, to a T. Glenn: Really?Chad: To a T, perfectly. Not lying. Glenn: So the bass probably just slam it then,right?Chad: They hammer it. And if they. . . you can’t get them to take thattopwater bite, soon as it starts swimmingaway they come and eat it. Glenn: Now you can’t do that with a regulartopwater?Chad: No. If you’re fishing a regular topwater, youdon’t have that ability. Your fishing a piece of cover away from theboat, you’ve got a lotta dead water in betweenthe boat and that piece of cover. So with a traditional popper, you’ve gottareel it in real quick and cast out there. This one you can utilize every piece of waterall the way to the boat because this actionlooks like a swimming baitfish. Glenn: You just let it sit on the surface,kinda kill it there, and then you just startto swim it away and let it come back up, giveit a pop or two. It looks like an injured minnow. Chad: That’s right. So many different ways that you can work thisbait. Glenn: So when can I get this?When is this available?Chad: So right now it’s here in the Academybooth if you can make it to the Classic, butit’s available at Tackle Warehouse right now,tacklewarehouse. com, and retailers everywherearound the 1st of May. Glenn: And how much is that gonna retail for?Chad: $9. 99. Glenn: Not bad at all. Not bad at all. Chad: It’s a great deal. For a topwater and a crankbait combined, I’dspend 10 bucks for this all day long. Glenn: Perfect time for the summer for thisbait. Chad: Perfect. Glenn: Guys, you gotta check this stuff outbecause if you’re not throwing it, your competitionis. Chad: BOOYAH Prank.

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