The Best Lures For Bass Fishing

In this article I will outline the best lures for bass fishing while attempting to catch bass in various fishing situations. There is no doubt that “the best” lures for bass fishing are largely determined by many factors other than the lure itself, but the bottom line is that these lures are a great place to start. These lures have helped me catch a ton of bass, both large and small mouth, in many different fishing scenarios.

Below are the best five lures for bass fishing (listed in no particular order) for some of the most common fishing scenarios and situations. The bottom line is that these lures should be a part of any serious bass fisherman’s arsenal. If any of the following lures aren’t in your tackle box, they should be added as soon as possible.

  • Soft Plastics – Soft plastics, whether they are in the form of worms, grubs, crawfish, swim baits, or salamanders, are some of the most popular and effective lures for bass fishing. These lures are incredibly versatile and can be used in almost any bass fishing situation for any species of bass. There are even soft plastics that are manufactured with fish attracting scents impregnated into them for added bass catching power.
  • Jig & Pig – The jig and pig, which is a large jig with some manner of pig skin hooked through the hook on the jig as a trailer, is a very effective fishing bait. The pork adds flotation to the jig so that it falls slowly in the water. In many instances the jig and pig is fished to imitate a crawfish. This lure is normally fished in and around heavy cover such as a submerged tree. The jig and pig tends to be effective during most of the year.
  • Swim Baits – Swim baits have become very popular and are an extremely effective lure for bass fishing. There are soft plastic (which were mentioned above) and soft plastic/crankbait hybrid swim baits available for bass fishing. Some of the hybrid swim baits imitate live shad to and incredible degree. When the best lures for bass fishing are mentioned, swim baits could very well be at the top of the list.
  • Diving Crankbaits – Diving crank baits imitate bait fish such as shad, perch, or other fish that bass like to eat. These lures are manufactured to dive to different depths when retrieved. Diving crankbaits are very versatile and are effective in many different bass fishing situations.
  • Top Water Baits – Top water baits are, without question, the most exciting of all fishing lures to use and catch bass with. These baits are very effective when it comes to catching bass. There are many different types of top water baits available, with some of the more effective being the Jitterbug, Heddon Zara Spook, and Rebel Pop-R. The biggest thing to remember about fishing top water baits is to fish them when the water is as flat as possible. The less wind the better when it comes to fishing top water baits.

If any of these lures aren’t a part of your bass fishing arsenal they should be added sooner, rather than later. There is no doubt that these are 5 of the best lures for bass fishing and will help anyone catch more and bigger bass.

Source by Trevor Kugler

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