Kurt Mazurek of goes extreme to catch big largemouth in the thickest cover in the lake! Educational and entertaining – that’s EDUTAINMENT! NOW FEATURING a fully animated Fish Education Theater with Lucky Lil’ Kev!


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  1. You know a lot of the lakes in northern Wisconsin I fish especially in vilas county are not "largemouth lakes". But if you fish for them especially in cover you you normally would be fishing for smallmouth you can pull monster largies out of those lakes. In timber and rocks I catch big largemouth in those clear water tributaries all the time!!!

  2. Beauty!!!! I was sitting in my chair setting the hook along with you. This is definitely a technique I'm going to use this season. I recently purchased some Punch Rig skirts and 2 with the weights already attached. I am super excited about using that technique. There's quite a few places that I fish with some heavy cover and I'm sure there are some mules in there. I just have to buy the right soft plastics and I'm ready to go. I'm going with a BPS Punch bait that looks like it'll haul the mail. Fish On!!!

  3. You could probably get away with something lighter, but I think the heavy stuff helps with hook sets and getting the fish headed your way in heavy cover. Plus, I don't think these fish are line shy in these conditions so why risk using something that might break?

  4. This was probably one of the most entertaining bass fishing videos I've seen since Bill Dance bloopers. If you are ever in Texas (and you should make the trip if you love fishing for Largemouths) that technique will bring them in. Nice video.

  5. Great vid. From the European point of view, never understood USA pros, that make millions per year out of bass fishing, and still change hands after every cast…as you said, it's really smart to use left hand reels and cast with your right hand if you are right-handed, and the great majority of people are… 🙂

  6. Just another great vid Cuz.Info to the max and the little man too.What were you using for a set-up?Your pitching technique is pretty smooth too.I have to use a lefty reel when I walk the dog.Just can't seem to do it righty.Thanks and give our best to MeeMaw.

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