Spring Largemouth Bass Fishing Techniques

Blaine explains in this video how to catch Largemouth bass – Topwater, Jigs, locating largemouth, spawning patterns, rivers and lakes, where to locate bass, what lures and techniques to use to catch them.




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Good Luck n Catch a Bunch !

Randy Yancey


  1. i would fire your camera guy for not showing the product (weighted wacky
    rig and sinking minnow) in the showcase tank and they did NOT do so… we
    can hear the host I dont need the camera on the host I need the camera on
    the product that’s in the tank but let the product do the talking in the
    tank, let the footage from the video speak for itself, I could do that
    monkeys job better then they did, NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL with the camera

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