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Choosing between a super-stiff race shoe and a squishy-slipper recreational shoe means giving up either performance or comfort, which isn’t always a sacrifice you want to make. Shimano designed the SH-WR42 Women’s Cycling Shoes to take the “or” out of that equation, because shoes that feel and pedal great shouldn’t be an anomaly. If a stiff carbon sole isn’t something you’re interested in, the Dynalast sole of the WR42 probably is. It’s much more forgiving than carbon, but still lets you put down plenty of power. Rubber heel lugs provide extra cushioning, and the two- and three-hole cleat compatibility means the WR42 will work with both road and mountain pedals. Space-age upper materials aren’t what this shoe called for, but the tough synthetic leather of the WR42 won’t stretch or tear, and is accented with mesh panels for increased breathability and cooling. There are two hook-and-loop straps for a secure fit, and Shimano also tossed in a ratcheting system that cinches the upper around your foot for a fit that’s equal parts comfortable, snug, and powerful.

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