Location: San Diego River at Mission Valley in San Diego

Date: October 31st. 2012


The Bait Master hooks up on a largemouth bass. I almost lost the fish because I stopped reeling it in to turn on the GoPro camera. I was by myself and it was kind of hard to record it right when I got the strike. Maybe I should've recorded it right before I casted it out. This was my first cast of the day too. The strike was hard. I used a Strike King spinner bait on 12lb testline on a Shimano 7'11" rod with a Catalus 400 reel. I was at this very spot the week before and got skunked. I had to go back. I surely did redeem myself. Oh yeah. Fish on!


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2 replies on “San Diego Fishing: The Bait Master hooks a largemouth bass.”

  1. Yup! It sure was. Just had to go out there and freshen up on my freshwater
    skills. It had been a while since I’ve last gone fishing in freshwater
    besides last week with you. Oh yeah. Fish on! — The Bait Master.

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