Pool Test: Which creature bait looks best underwater?

Creature baits and craws are almost as popular among bass and even redfish anglers as trolling motors, but not every one is created equal. Slick packaging and pro-angler endorsements don’t mean a lure will attract more bites than its competitors.

So Marsh Man Masson went to his neighborhood pool to put some of the most popular creature baits and craws to the test. He videoed each underwater, and surveyed the footage to give the lures scores based on three factors.

Some lures looked better than he expected, while others were profoundly disappointing. The test was eye-opening, and will definitely influence what Marsh Man rigs up during his bass and redfish trips.

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Get your favorites here:
Zoom Z-Craw Jr.:
Zoom Speed Craw:
Zoom Brush Hog:
Zoom Baby Brush Hog:
Zoom Z-Hog:
Sweet Beaver:
Strike King Rage Tail Menace:

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