Pitchin' for Largemouth Bass on an Eastern Ontario lake using YUM Money Craws.

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24 replies on “Pitching and Flipping Plastics For Largemouth Bass.wmv”

  1. justin hoffman wats going on i notice and ur video u skiped a wide area of
    cat tails whith ur trolling motor why is that, cause what i learned from
    the pro’s u flipp every piece of thing… one question for me that was some
    light cover what size weight were u using

  2. Those YUM Money Craws are awesome. I flipped them yesterday at a golf
    resort just weedless rigged, no extra weights, and was pulling out 2lbs’ers
    and one 3lb’er constantly. They’re great for spring time, and fall time.
    Work it slow, and it’ll show.

  3. They are actually screw-in rattle bullet weights – this “pegs” them snug to
    the hook eye and plastic bait without using a traditional toothpick. Thanks
    for watching…and good luck this season!

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