Getting some big bass action with the Kanan Lures Aqua Relic Minnow.

Brad Mills and Auston Smith in Florida trying out some new swimbait techniques with the Kanan Aqua Relic "Minnow". Its sleek, lightweight design is perfect for largemouth bass and predetory fish of all sizes. The realistic coloring, great action, and snack sized shape will keep the big ones biting all day and night! rated: viewed:1766 [...]

Largemouth Bass Fishing Strike King Swim jig rated: viewed:581 source

Kayak Fishing – HUGE BASS Breaks Net

We went kayak bass fishing at a lake in southern Tennessee early in the morning, and around 6am, one kayaker pulls up a monster largemouth bass. The bass was so big, he broke the net while trying to pull him into the kayak. All filmed using the GoPro Hero 3 Plus. Subscribe for rated: [...]

Crankbait Tactics For Huge Prespawn Bass

One of the most effective ways to catch huge prespawn bass in lakes and rivers are lipless crankbaits. These baits are especially effective when the water temperature is between forty-nine and fifty-eight degrees, especially in stained or muddy water in lakes and ponds, but it also works well in the rivers. Some of the techniques [...]

some large mouth bass fishing and baitcaster reel review – Ecooda Sniper

some large mouth bass and a small reel review - Ecooda Sniperthis is a great reel and for more great products be sure to visit for great info anf forums check out rated: viewed:256 source

Bass Fishing With a Fly Rod

So you want to go Largemouth Bass fishing with a fly rod. Well put away those trout flies 10 to whatever. This isn't spring sipping. No afternoon sunlit hatches. Little Baetis (Blue wing olive) or Heptageniidae (Light Cahill) match the hatch with 14s - 22s. We'll be throwing size 2 black deer hair mouse patterns, [...]

Bank Fishing Tips and Tricks

Learn how to catch fish from the bank with these tips and tricks! Watch hundreds of fishing videos at rated: viewed:274071 source

Strike King Spinner bait Largemouth Bass

Strike King Spinner bait Largemouth Bass rated: viewed:985 source

Tips For Bass Fishing With Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits are very popular for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. More so for largemouth. These lures have a lot of nuances to them that are overlooked by most bass anglers. There are many modifications that can be made to these lures to change your presentation and help you get more strikes.There are basically three types [...]

Pond Hopping with the Lunker Lizard – Largemouth Bass Fishing

Went out and got too many bass to count on the Lunker Lizard. Got some on topwater and some on the drop. Lunker Lizards are now available at or LandBigFish!!! rated: viewed:981 source

Largemouth Bass Fishing With A Rat

When it comes to bass fishing there are so may lures to choose from. One of my favorite ways to catch bass is hands down on top water lures because of the visual blow ups. I got the invite last year to go fish with Jay Write and Tim Green on the private Vail Lake [...]

Carolina Rig Trophy Largemouth (Hat Cam Bass)

A trophy largemouth bass is caught in the late summer on a Carolina-rigged Zoom Super Fluke. Tips on how to set the hook when using a Carolina Rig are given. rated: viewed:8997 source

Fishing Docks for Largemouth Bass

Fishing 8-21 and 8-22-14. Skipping jigs and soft plastics for largemouth bass. Caught a couple nice bass in the 3-pound range and also some smaller ones. rated: viewed:347 source

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