Fishing With Plastics To Catch More Bass

Every bass fisherman wants to catch more bass. Even the pros want to put more fish in the boat. But for the beginner, it is a little different. As a beginner, you can and will catch more bass with plastics. The use of plastic lures is one of the easiest techniques to learn. There are [...]

Nice fat Marburg Largemouth Bass on 12-19-10

Caught this really nice LMB in really cold, miserable, windy weather on Lake Marburg in PA. Caught quite a few that day fishing deep with live shiner minnows. This bass hit the minnow like a rocket! Definitely not your typical subtle winter bite from a cold, lazy LMB Hog. rated: viewed:607 source

20in 5.5# Largemouth Bass, Lake Wingra

Caught this in about 4-5ft of water in Lake Wingra, on a weed edge line. Wacky worm.My contour was dead so we used our phone to record the fight, it was on power savings so that's why it was jerky. However, contour roam2 had just enough juice left to get a shot of the fish [...]

How to Catch Bass in Ponds

Learning how to catch bass in ponds can lead to a very rewarding fishing experience. Bass are easy to find and fish during the right seasons and time of day.Small bass are the easiest to catch in ponds. When active, they will bite almost any bait you have on the end of your line. Artificial [...]

Tips for Catching a Bass in Spring

If you're angling to catch some bass, or a whole string of bass this spring, you will want to be prepared and know what to expect. The fact is that spring can be a great time for catching a bass, but it can also be rather difficult, too. These fish love the warmth of the [...]

Largemouth Bass Havoc!

The In-Fisherman crew introduce a few largemouth bass to the exceptional Berkley Havoc Pit Boss and Grass Pig soft plastics. rated: viewed:15725 source

Bare hand large mouth Bass catch

Big largemouth bass using my hand as bait!!!!!! rated: viewed:24964 source

Releasing HUGE Largemouth Bass 6-8 Pounds on Senko Worm

Caught with the Senko green watermelon worm love those worms, caught by Justin, Subscribe, Rate, Comment, other fishing videos---- rated: viewed:649 source

Smallmouth Bass Habits – Know How They Think

Smallmouth Bass Habits - Know How They Think When fishing for smallmouth bass, it is important to learn their habits. Some patterns for cold water transitioning to warmer water, are the same ones that work in the fall, only reversed. Once you know how the fish lives and behaves, you can more easily catch it. [...]

Bass Fishing- How to Modify A Swim Jig to Catch Largemouth Bass my Dad doesn't have to keep asking me how to rig his jig:) Dad, save this and watch it when u have a JIG question. i get a few questions here and there about what jig i am using and how i rig it. The actual custom jig that i am using is not [...]

Fly Fishing For Largemouth Bass

For fly fishing for bass can provide some of the most exciting fishing in the country. The largemouth bass is probably the most popular game fish in America. The popularity of fishing for bass is partly because no other freshwater fish has a wider distribution. Largemouth bass can be found from southern Canada to South [...]

Fishing Basics for Beginners- How to Fish with Worms and Minnows- – Pole Setup

One of my videos for my series "Fishing Basics for Beginners". I've been fishing with some friends recently that have never fished before and decided to make several videos to help people start fishing. Hope these videos are helpful! Fishing with worms is one of the most effective fishing methods and also one of the [...]

Best Lures for Bass Fishing Around Wood, Weeds and Rock

Bass Pro 1Source expert Justin Hoffman gives his top lures for finding largemouth bass around wood, rock and weeds.For more tips, visit rated: viewed:3457 source


Get Sensation fishing largemouth bass, enjoy this fishing video. largemouth bass fishing tips rated: viewed:429 source

Upper Bay Largemouth Bass Senko Fishing

Fishing on the upper bay with a Senko.Music by Ben Maguire. We own all rights.I work full time and fish when I can. Primarily in the northern Chesapeake Bay tributaries for smallmouth and largemouth bass.Give me a like or a favorite if you enjoyed the video. Thanks Guys!Facebook: Warehouse: Bass College: [...]

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