Bass fishing big Largemouth Bass November Grass on a jig went to 68 here in the NE, so my dad and I are the results. So many bass caught, but here is the biggest rated: viewed:335 source

Big largemouth bass. Bristol Connecticut

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( fishing new England aug 2012 rated: viewed:104 source

Largemouth Bass Extreme

Fishing as a sport is one that requires patience by the ton, something that most of us sadly lack in. It is often at times like this that we may need that extra edge to get a bite on our lines, be it a small minnow or a huge bass. The latest e-book to hit [...]

Kickin Bass Baits Unboxing

If you are interested in purchasing Kickin Bass Baits, contact Noah on his YouTube channel or through his social media accounts! Noah's Twitter: Check out my website: Check out my other channel "Flair Fishing Reviews” Add me on Snapchat: aflair430 Have questions? Kik me at: fishingwithflair Follow me on Instagram!!! Follow [...]

Largemouth Bass Fishing In Edenvale – Artlure Angling For Bass In Gauteng South Africa

Just a short video from our local watering hole... Willow Park (Dowerglen) Dam. We did a bit of artlure for the Largemouth Bass and we managed a few which can be seen in this video shot with a Go Pro. We had some inquiries from Barbel but no solid hook ups unfortunately. The dam was [...]

Bass Fishing Lures ; Using Bluegills As Bait

Quick tips on how to catch largemouth bass and using bluegills as bait rated: viewed:15033 source

Ken Whillans Bass Habitat

Constructing Bass Habitat for Ken Whillans Conservation area. A conservation Project done by the Mississauga BassMasters , in co-operation with CVC. rated: viewed:281 source

Largemouth Bass Fishing – Lessons For the Beginner in Different Rods For the Best Catch

When you are planning to catch that Largemouth Bass you always dreamed of, there is an important part of your fishing experience that is very necessary. The decision on the Rod and Reel you choose can make the difference between landing that Extreme Largemouth Bass or going home with the minnows you brought for bait. [...]

Monster Largemouth Bass On Muskie Lure First Cast Quick Release

Just going down to my spot to make my daily cast and i land this beast. funny thing is at about 1:33 I realized my line was broke after landing him and i'm like wtf just happened? lol.. found out later that my eyelet on the tip of my rod was cracked and it shredded [...]

How to Catch Bass

Fishing for Largemouth Bass can be tricky but it doesn't have to be. Prepare to arm yourself with 10 tips that will help you catch your limit when you fish for this elusive bass.1. When using a plastic worm shake a finesse worm. The trick is to work the bait so subtly that it merely [...]

Kayak Fishing – Largemouth Bass – 12/7/14

Caught this little guy last weekend and thought I'd share. First time using the chest mount for the GoPro. Bass ate rainbow looking crank bait I got as part of my subscription to B.A.S.S. Camera: GoPro 4 Silver rated: viewed:174 source

Bass fishing big Largemouth Bass on Topwater Explosive Strike Spro Frog evening during slight weather pattern..testing the shimano dc and new sunline fx 60lb. Both are performing good. Line not fading color out at all. Irod air shimano dc sunline fx #60 live target 65 frog... rated: viewed:874 source

Bass Fishing Lures – The Best Lures For Large & Smallmouth Bass

In this article I'm going to outline some of the best bass fishing lures that we as anglers have access to. These lures can be used to catch both large and smallmouth bass. As a general rule of thumb, the same fishing lures can be used for both species of bass the only difference being [...]

4 Big Largemouth Bass 7/19/2014 Large Mouth. S. Carolina

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( rated: viewed:25 source

Amazing fishing video: for Largemouth Bass and smallmouth bass on the West Fork

Amazing fishing for Largemouth Bass and smallmouth bass on the West Fork River as well as other species that include Rock bass, bluebill, and white Bass rated: viewed:406 source

Fly Fishing For Largemouth Bass

For fly fishing for bass can provide some of the most exciting fishing in the country. The largemouth bass is probably the most popular game fish in America. The popularity of fishing for bass is partly because no other freshwater fish has a wider distribution. Largemouth bass can be found from southern Canada to South [...]

Best Bass Fishing Lures and Tips

I show you my best Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass Fishing Lures and give you a few tips on how to catch them. Basically I like to use lures that resemble Perch, Sunfish, White/Silver Baitfish, Leeches, and black/grey/white Minnows. rated: viewed:394 source

The Top Places for Michigan Bass Fishing

Some of the very best smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing is to be found in in Michigan as many experts agree. The only problem is with so many lakes, ponds and streams to choose from it can be hard to decide where to go. Many of the popular locations offer an equal variety of options [...]

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