How To Catch Largemouth Bass

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Yum Dinger July Bass Fishing

Fishing Chisholm North Lake in Wichita, Kansas for summertime largemouth with a Yum Dinger. source

Fishing Tip #1 – Let Her Catch More Fish!

Always let her catch more fish than you or at least let her think she won. Trust me, It's better that way. This is some footage from me and Fait…

Fishing Gear Clean Up

This is my once every few months quick clean up on my rods and reels that keeps them working right through out the year. If have had your rod and ree…

Kayak Fishing First Time Fail

So I borrowed a friends Kayak to try it for the first time. I liked fishing out of the Kayak but could not pull a bass out of the lake I went to. Th…

LakeForkGuy 2012 Montage

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Thank you guys so much for continuing to watch my videos! And a special thanks to all my sponsors t…

Pelican Case Flies Out of Bass Boat at 60MPH

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Big Bass on the Buzzbait Story

Watch the fishing action from that day
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Pre Spawn Bass Fishing with a Great Topwater Ending

The Buzzbait Story
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Bass Takes Off With Fishing Rod

This is one of those stories you talk about on the ride home from the lake. While my fiance Stephanie and I were on a school of bass, she hooked up o…

10 lb. Bass on a Chatterbait. Spring Bass Fishing.

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The chatterbait is one of my favorite lu…

Lizard Bass Fishing. Big Bass Crushes Lizard at the Surface.

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Lizards are great Springtime baits becau…

Unbelievable Frog Blowups! Topwater Bass Fishing with a Spro Popping Frog.

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We are starting a new topwater vide…

GoPro Underwater Video of Spawing Bass. Spring Bass Fishing Tips.

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Sight fishing can be very challenging an…

Sea bass fishing tips "bass fishing tips" "largemouth bass fishing …

How to Catch Largemouth Bass – Winter Jerkbait Bass Fishing Tips – Lake Fork Bass Fishing Report

How to bass fish and where to bass fish jerkbaits is explained in this fishing tips video. Stephen Fatherree shows jerk…

Tips for bass fishing in heavy wind

Fishing in heavy wind is about boat control, controlling the effects on your line and maintaining contact with the bait as well as keeping your equipm…

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