Pro Fishing Secret Tip to Catch Big Bass in Cold Winter Water

Just because it's winter and the water's cold, doesn't mean you have to put away your bass fishing rods and reels and go hunting. If the water's not frozen, there are still big bass to be caught.In this how-to video, see professional bass angler Mike Iaconelli's approach to selecting the right winter jerkbait for varying [...]

Un bel Black Bass, innesco vermone Gary Yamamoto su amo Nail Bomb. Al lago Le Palme

Video girato al lago le Palme (ex Prima Porta), dove il nostro Staff è alla ricerca di un bel bass. Vedremo un innesco texas su un vermone strach 40 colore rosso della gary yamamoto su amo Nail Bomb. Come canna abbiamo usato una berkley da casting con un mulinello Shimano Citica come risultato un bel [...]

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

One of the most enjoyable fish to catch in the entire world is the Smallmouth Bass. Smallmouth prefer clear cold water. These fish can be found in both lakes and running water. Pound for pound the smallmouth bass is widely considered the most enjoyable fish to catch. The smallmouth bass is a good natural indicator [...]

Fishing Diamond Valley Lake Largemouth Bass light line The Reel Brothers Presents

The Brothers decide to fish Diamond Valley Lake for Largemouth Bass on light line. Hardcore starts the day with a nice post spawn Largemouth Bass caught on four pound test line. Then Hardcore nails a nice Smallmouth Bass on the same light line. Hardcore ends the session with four Largemouth Bass and one Smallmouth Bass [...]

Top 5 Baits for catching Big Bass 2015

These are my Top five different style baits i use to catch big bass. You can catch a big bass on almost anything however these baits are known for catching more big bass consistently. Baits that are shown Huddleston deluxe 68 weedless shad, Shellcracker g2, Draper war craws, Biospawn vilecraw, Draper soft plastics frog (slow [...]

Cold Weather Smallmouth Bass Lures

When a cold front approaches, smallmouth bass normally become very active and thus easier to catch, but does this mean that the same theory holds true no matter what the air temperature is? In cold weather (when the mercury drops below the forty degree mark) the biggest factor to remember is to fish your lures [...]

Tennesee state record largemouth – 15.20 pounds caught at Lake Chickamauga Feb.13, 2015

This video, taken by Caleb Luzader, shows Gabe Keen weighing his state-record largemouth bass at the Bi-Lo grocery store in Soddy Daisy, Tenn. rated: viewed:7049 source

Early Spring “Prespawn” Largemouth Bass Fishing 2015

Fishing in Texas, late evening using a Texas Rig with Zoom lizard. rated: viewed:84 source

Junk Fishing for Largemouth Bass

First day of fishing in 2013 using Strike King Finesse Jig with Baby Rage Craw Trailer, KVD 1.5 and KVD 1.0. Caught a few fish nothing big but was a blast! rated: viewed:2181 source

How to Catch Fish With Live Worms

For more than two decades I have been using live worms to catch fish and in that time have learned a few tips and tricks that will help any live worm angler catch more fish. If you want to know how to catch fish with live worms, this article is for you. These simple tips [...]

Big Largemouth in a Small Pond.

Fishing in toulouse bay for largemouth bass in a small pond. video of catching a 4 pound largemouth. rated: viewed:329 source

largemouth bass fishing ep.12

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( rated: viewed:511 source

Catching Bass In Cold Water

When I talk cold water, I am talking about water 50 degress or less. The bass don't quit eating at this temperature but one thing is for sure, they slow down. As the water temps fall so is the chance that a bass will chase a bait for a meal.When the water temperature gets in [...]

Secret New Bait to Catch More Bass – Rapala Shadow Rap Jerkbait

What bait catches lots of lethargic bass in winter, under cold water conditions? What bait looks so real, even in super clear water, that bass still bite it?Mike "Ike" Iaconelli used the Rapala Shadow Rap Deep jerkbait as part of my arsenal at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic. In this video, I'll tell you about the [...]

GoPro HERO3 Bass Fishing NH

footage captured with my GoPro HERO3 water temp: 50-55 degreesFNO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED I do not own the music in this video and I am not selling any audio in this Video. all credit goes to the artists.Music - Disturbed rated: viewed:298 source

Bass and Water Temperature

It's always good to ask around with local fishermen to find out what works best. But what worked well today might not even catch one tomorrow. Generally early morning and around sunset are the ideal times to fish, but you also have to take in effect water temperatures, moon phases, weather patterns, feeding behaviors, etc. [...]

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