Bass Fishing: The Sworming Hornet Lure Company – Umbrella Rig with Roland Martin

Bass Fishing Legend Roland Martin talks about the Sworming Hornet Lure Company's Umbrella Rig called the Swarm. Here Roland Martin talks about how to ... source

How to throw BIG LURES: Cape Cod Canal Fishing We're here in Cape Cod Canaland today we're fishing with a wonderful familya family of ten,Mr. Walt, we met him on the rock,and um, he's got his whole family on the rocksall fishing and I think it's so cool to see. Ah ha ha!Leave your line, boy, leave your line, leave line, leave line!Pop [...]

How to Fish for Lake Trout : How to Fish for Lake Trout Hi my name is Charlie Labarda. I am here withExpert Village and I am here to show you howto fish trout in the lakes and ponds. Thetype of fish I am fishing for today are trout. There are many type of fish in this lake. There are perch, sunfish, large mouth bass,small mouth bass, [...]

CRAZY Fast Water Fishing – BIG Tennessee SMALLMOUTH

The water was swift and the fish were strong. This was an awesome afternoon of fishing the south Holston river with my friend Austin. We both caught plenty of ... source

Top 5 Spring Bass Fishing Baits

These are my 5 go to bass fishing lures for spring time fishing. Let me know what yall think!! This will work for pre and spawn. Buy LunkersTV Gear Here - - - - - Make sure to Subscribe and Hit that THUMBS UP!! - - - Awesome Playlists: Unboxings - Bass Fishing - VLOGS [...]

3 Bass Caught at Floyd Lamb Park – Las Vegas Urban Bass Fishing 5.28.2014

Awesome day out at Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs. Missed a larger bite but ended up catching these three fish over the course of a few hours. Weather was ... source

How to catch Pre-Spawn Largemouth Bass on Southern Lake Champlain – Vermont Master Anglers

During this episode, we'll meet up with tournament fisherman John Fitzgerald in order to target pre-spawn Bass. We start the day with the intention of targeting ... source

How to Find Largemouth vs Spotted Bass

There is a pretty distinct difference between fishing for largemouth versus fishing for spotted bass. In this video I put my spin on what to look for and a brief look into what baits to use to target each species. ~B.Lat rated:4.95 viewed:5886 source

Fall Bass Fishing Small Lakes and Ponds + Tips and Catches

If you struggle catching bass during the fall, try some of these bass fishing tips and techniques. My buddy Ben, who knows a lot more about bass fishing than I do, goes over some of his tactics... source

CGR Undertow – RAPALA PRO BASS FISHING review for Nintendo Wii U I’m gonna go ahead and tell you this isthe best damn fishing game I’ve played sinceOdell Lake. And that wasn’t even a fishinggame, so that doesn’t even make sense. I just really like Odell Lake. The MECC waslegit. I should probably also tell you that, whenit comes to games like this, everything’srelative. Which is [...]

Musky 101: How to Fish for Musky in Virginia Hi I am Jason Hallacher and welcome toMusky fishing 101 the all-inclusivehow-to video designed to teach you howto have a safe and successful muskie fishing trip. Today's video is going to cover five main topics the tools you will need,rods reels and baits, muskiebiology, specific fishing techniques andhow to safely release your Msuky. Allright [...]

Try This Trick For Early Spring Bass!

When the water temperature reaches 50 degrees its time to reach for red! Red crankbait, red spinnerbait, chatterbait... as long as its red! There are a lot of theories on why it works but all that really matters is that the fish love to eat it. Early spring brings a lot of challenges. Between the [...]

BEST BIG Bass Fishing for Bass Tournament – HawgNSonsTV September 12 2010 2:00pm Lake Geneva WisconsinW 7mph. 75 degrees Sunny. Barometer 30. 11 RisingWaxing Crescent 32% of the Moon is IlluminatedThe very BEST BIG Bass Fishing for Bass TournamentLargemouth Bass Fishing, The BEST Bass Tournament,The Big Bucks Bass Tournamentsheld at Lake Geneva in WisconsinStarring the The Hewkinators, Mark and Jeramie HewkinMark Hewkin and [...]

East Wittering Mackerel Fishing 101 (繁體中文字幕) So this is my kayak, courtesy of UKkayaks. Right so I'm down at Bracklesham BayEast wittering and decided to take myrod out, but bit of a classic mistakeI've actually forgotten the fourthsection of my rod. Well never mind stillgonna rig it up for mackerel and seewhat I can get. So it's straight out andstraight [...]

自宅の庭でドローンを飛ばしてみた・上空から釣りの様子を撮影してみたのですが…要改善! Hello everyoneI'm "MI", I have been living in Michigan for 29 yearsToday, I'm posting a video of me fishing with a droneThe drone will not record the soundSo I was planning on using the iPhone to record my voiceMy first castingI was a bit worried about the microphone, so it wasn't a good castI [...]

UV-baits for zander fishing Friends have been asking me how am I catching so much zander fish. Finally, I decided to reveal my secrets:Silicone jig-bait Double-colored twisters-back is one color, stomach is another colorWhile fishing zander, I'm also using UV-glowing jigheadsDon't forget to check the description and posts in my Instagram.

Bass Fishing North Florida (Lake Talquin)

A little video of me fishing Lake Talquin! Hope you enoy it! More videos on the way! ▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭ #bassfishing ... source

The best smallmouth bass lake in the world!

In my book I wrote a chapter about what I felt was the best smallmouth bass lake in the world. In the book, I titled the Chapter Lake X, and told the story of how at ... source

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