Top 5 Baits For September Bass Fishing!

September brings big bass if you know where to look! We have 5 key baits we rely on to catch fish as the early Fall patterns begin. September is a transitional ... source

BEST 3 Fall TOPWATER Fishing LURES! ( Bass Fishing Tips )

Stay tuned as LFG gives some quick tips on his 3 favorite fall time topwater baits. Comment below what tips and tricks you want to see on the channel next! source

Fishing w/ The CRAZIEST Lure! (Does It Work?)

In this bass fishing video we go fishing with a beetle lure and put it to the test to see if it actually works! This is my first time fishing with a beetle lure. Have you ... source

Smallmouth Bass Facts And Myths (Scientific Truths You Need To Know) | Bass Fishing

How do you catch big smallmouth? Where's the best place to catch smallmouth bass? What are the best lure colors? These questions and more are answered in ... source

Fishing an ABANDONED Golf Course for BIG Bass (Bank Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we go fishing at a abandoned golf course for some big bass! It's been such a long time since we've gone bank fishing so we're about to hammer down on the bank fishing content! Have you ever fished a abandoned golf course pond? Have you ever gone golf course pond …

Fishing A Rural Canal LOADED With Smallmouth Bass!! (ROADTRIP)

Our Honeymoon trip was PACKED with LOTS of fishing and (amazing food)... Come join us on our week long getaway where we make lots of stops and ... source

Kayak Bass Fishing Tournaments – How to Start

Getting started with kayak bass fishing tournaments can be confusing and intimidating. I have said it so many times that the best way to start fishing kayak ... source

Largemouth Bass Eats Topwater Lure! #shorts

This largemouth attacks a topwater lure just floating on the surface before we could even move it! Check it out! The Bait- River2Sea Rover 128: Color: Funky Tiger Topwater Combo... Rod- Shimano Zodias 7'2" Medium: Reel- Shimano Chronarch MGL (HG): Line- Power Pro Maxcuatro 40 lb Braid: If you enjoyed this short clip be sure …

10 Tips to catch more Bass on Lures

Heres some things i've learnt Lure fishing for Bass so far this Year.... 0:00-0:21 intro 0:22 Follow the Birds to find Bass 1:19 ... source

The Inhale Power Of A Giant Largemouth Bass #shorts

The insane inhale power of a largemouth bass is on full display as this giant bass effortlessly inhales a Leopard frog. #shorts #bass #largemouthbass rated:4.92 viewed:2448 source

16.4 Pound BIGGEST Texas Bass EVER Caught on Film

This is the biggest bass EVER caught on Film in the state of Texas! Get Garmin Livescope HERE ▷ SUBSCRIBE ... source

Finding Smallmouth in Summer (Proven Tactics) | Bass Fishing

Hank Parker tells you how to find smallmouth bass in summer. This is a must-see tip from the 2-time Classic champ that will help you catch more summer ... source

Feider's Secret Tips for Catching Big Trophy Bass

Sure, catching 4lb smallmouth bass it ok, but if you want 6lb+ big trophy smallmouth, you need to put down the hair jig and tubes, and pick up the big fish catcher ... source

Top 3 BAITS for SEPTEMBER bass fishing!

🚨 GIVEAWAY!!! 🚨 Make sure you like, comment and subscribe to be entered to win! _____________________________________________________________________________ 🎣 FOLLOW ALONG: 🎣 Instagram: Facebook: Website: _____________________________________________________________________________ 💪 MY GEAR: 💪 Boat: Motor: Rods/Reels: Baits: Batteries: Tires: Electronics: Cartography: TackleWebs: Luna Sea: Andy's Custom Bass Lures: True Timber: _____________________________________________________________________________ Video filmed and produced by #BassFishing #SeptemberFishing #BestBaits rated:4.96 …

Keeping Largemouth Bass in an Aquarium

You can keep these native monsters! Check out this video for tips on setting up a tank and care. rated:4.81 viewed:425 source

College Bass Shootout Livestream Fishing Tournament ($10,000 First Place)

College Bass Shootout Livestream Fishing Tournament. 4 Teams are left after a day of competition on Lake Chickamauga. $10000 first place prize. source


Save 30% off on fishing gear HERE ➡️ - Kickin Their Bass: First ... source

My Favorite Way To Catch *BIG* Small Mouth (Oregon Small Mouth Fishing)

My buddy Ian and I got out to do some small mouth fishing with one of My Favorite Way To Catch *BIG* SmallMouth! The Drop Shot! Ian got his first ever ... source

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