6 Spinnerbait Tips to Catch More Fall Smallmouth Bass

Wired2fish caught up with Bill Lowen for a lesson on finding and catching shallow water smallmouth bass using spinnerbaits during the fall. While deeper ... source

Largemouth Bass Eats Glide Bait **Underwater** #Shorts

The most incredible underwater bass bite we've ever captured! Do you remember this first time you saw this footage?! Its been stolen by lure companies, rebranded illegally, and copied repeatedly, but its still our favorite clip! Its amazing how precise this bass was as it stalked the bait, then ate the S-Waver head first! The …

HOW to FISH : UNIQUE Smallmouth Bass Fishing Techniques

Andrew Upshaw won 2 bass BIG bass fishing tournaments last year, fishing almost entirely smallmouth bass. One in the spring, one in the fall, both on highland ... source

Top 3 BAITS I catch BASS on during the FALL Transition

Summer to Fall Transition Bass Fishing Tips with Jacob Wheeler. These are some of my must haves in the tackle box when I hit the lake this time of the year. source

Fishing HIDDEN SWAMP for BIG Bass (River Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we go river fishing for big bass in this hidden backwater swamp. It's been great getting out on the river and filming some river fishing content for y'all. Do you like river fishing? Have you ever been river fishing? Have you caught a big bass this year? Let me know …

Get Better at Bass Fishing in 2021 – Gary Klein

It's not magic secret lures that catch big bass! Secret hot spots hold fish, but within yourself is the talent and ability to catch them. Rods, reels, lures, line, ... source


In this bass fishing video we have one hour to catch as many fish as possible while fall fishing! We haven't filmed a timed fishing challenge in a while so here we ... source

The 1 Lure Fishing Challenge!!! (VERY DIFFICULT LAKE)

I attempt the 1Rod1Reel 1 Lure fishing challenge at the MOST DIFFICULT lake I know!!! Check out FISHERYIN ... source

Fishing For $180,000 in a Big Bass ONLY Tournament! (I WON!!)

I entered a Big Bass Splash tournament with $180000 in prizes and was lucky enough to catch a BIG! More Tournament Videos ▻ https://bit.ly/MFTournaments ... source

One Of The DEADLIEST Techniques To Catch BASS (ft. Special Guest)

Jig fishing for bass is one of the best ways to catch the biggest bass of your life. Not only can you catch big bass, but you can also catch a lot of bass in different ... source

WINNING a $1,000.00 Bass Fishing TOURNAMENT (BIG BASS)

WE DID IT AGAIN! We were able to pull off another win in a bass fishing tournament and this time we got paid a good bit of money! I had a lot of fun going out ... source

Bass Fishing Lures : Crankbait

I have found a crankbait to be one of the best bass fishing lures. These fishing lures really draw in bass, so you can catch them easily. Plus, a crankbait is easy to use. Check out this video to learn more about the basics of a crankbait to catch fish. #bassfishing #howto #lures Lure Color …

Catching GIANT Bass in FLOODED River (Fall Fishing)

In this bass fishing video we go river fishing for some giant bass in this flooded river during the fall. Fall fishing is coming up, the fishing recent hasn't been the ... source

Largemouth Bass Attack! #shorts

Ever wonder why a largemouth bass has such a giant mouth? The awesome eating power of that big yap is on full display in this video. #shorts #fish #fishing rated:5.00 viewed:4 source

Catching TONS of Smallmouth Bass below a Dam!

In this episode of More Slabs, I go small mouth bass fishing in a river below a dam! The smallmouth were stacked up on the edge of a river and absolutely ... source

Smallmouth Bass on FLOAT & FLAT WORM – Dave Mercer's Facts of Fishing THE SHOW Season 13 Full Epi

Fishing floats for big bass. Most of us start fishing with floats and bobber's but these are not just for kids as Dave shows this week For more Facts of Fishing visit ... source


John Crews, breaks down his top 4 baits for October bass fishing. What are your favorite baits for bass fishing in October? Comment them down below! rated:5.00 viewed:3416 source

Fishing a River LOADED with Smallmouth Bass!! (Ft. Fish Hawk)

RIVER FISHING FOR SMALLMOUTH BASS! In this video I went and fished with @Fish Hawk to catch some smallmouth bass. We went out to a river I used to fish ... source

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