New Secret Weapon for your Bass Fishing Arsenal!

We are largemouth bass fishing with Squidy Bits (salted squid bait). This fishing bait is our secret weapon to catch largemouth bass. The salted squid bait is a real squid that we have salted and dehydrated. When it hits the water it comes right back to life! The bait itself wiggles and has lifelike action when worked underwater. We find that this bait is perfect for largemouth bass fishing because of how versatile it is.

Swim it on the surface for topwater strikes, let it sink and work it back like a swimbait, put it on a skirted jig, use it as a trailer for buzz baits and spinner baits, use it like a plastic worm and texas rig it. There are COUNTLESS ways to use this bait for Largemouths. Once a bass hits this bait, it doesn’t let go, since it is real squid, it tastes and feels like fish!

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