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Glenn: Hey folks. Glenn May here with BassResource. com, andI’m standing here with the man, Bill Batsonfrom Batson Enterprises. If you guys build your own rods, you knowabout the RainShadow blanks. They’re awesome, awesome blanks. There’s over 700 different blanks out therenow, and some new ones have just come out. Bill, why don’t you tell me about this onehere. Bill: Sure. This is our new telescopic. This is a new nine foot two medium action,medium power crankbait rod. Since they changed the new laws in the bassworld, you know, they can go up to 10 feet. So we decided we would come out with somelonger rods in the crankbaits and the swimbaits. So, to keep it to be able to fit into a locker,we made it into a telescopic. Genn: Aha, yes. Bill: So this is one of our new models, andthere’s eight new models in this series. Glenn: Can you go through what they. . . notall eight, but I’m assuming ranging, and power,and length, or. . . ?Bille: Yes. So we start with a medium, and we go all theway up to an extra-heavy, you know. So they can throw any one of those big crankbaits,so for the small crankbaits all the way upto the big crankbaits with these longer rodsnow. Genn: Nice. Excellent. And they’re available now?Bill: They’ll be available August 15th. Genn: Fantastic. And you guys have some other products thatyou’re releasing right now here at ICAST. Bill: Oh, yeah. We came out with a new crankbait series. And this is made in the United States, thisis our crankbait series, and this is a 7’10″medium. Glenn: 7’10”?Bill: 7’10”, yeah. We have three models of the 7’10”, and threemodels of the seven-footers. And these are made in Washington, the blanksare actually made in Washington. This is probably one of the finest blankswe make. Glenn: This is beautiful. Bill: Yes, it’s very nice. It has great action. It has a carbon fiber weave on it, gives itstrength, plus gives it a very nice cosmeticlook. And this is, like I said, one of the finestblanks that we’ve made. Glenn: Now before you only had. . . I thought that this only came like in a seven-footeror so, right?Bill: Yeah, yeah. We made them into 7’10”. Guys wanted a longer ones, and they wantedheavier ones. So we came out with the 7’10” models, andthey are, like I said, one of the finest blankswe make. Glenn: Absolutely. This is very, very lightweight. I know you guys can’t feel it, but very light,very comfortable, and it’s nice and heavydown here, so it’s got the backbone that youneed. Bill: Yep, and it’s got the nice action inthe tip like you want for a crankbait. Yep. Glenn: Absolutely. Great stuff. Bill: Yeah, we’re excited here. So ICAST 2017, we came out with some othernew items, but these are two of my favorites. Glenn: Love it, love it. You guys gotta check this out, they’re gonnabe available next month. Get them, use them, you’re gonna love them. Bill: Yep. Batson Enterprises.

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