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MONTBLANC design concept
Mont blanc sunglasses are featured with its extraordinary excellent production process and unique spirituality design ideas.
Each pair glasses is made of the most quality material, Artisans made them with traditional techniques handed down over 100 years and today’s leading technology to shape,which gives them perfect texture and function.
The design and manufacture of the frame is as accurate as the lens, with durable material,and comfortable to wear,perfectly match with your face.


MONTBLANC Product features
Montblanc glasses are featured with crafted working and reliable materials.
Mirror leg design, the Gorgeous color of metal shows a sense of Montblanc honorable texture, and some part are flameproof and erosion, the color will never fade, besides, to make sure the appearance smooth,all are polished for four days, the spring mirror leg make it more fit your face
The hinge was design in triangle,which provides high stability, fixing screws embedded, which will add no burdens,the special screws still open and close freely after thousands of testing
The nose pads is smooth and mellow,perfectly embedded in gooseneck corbel,which can be move in more angles and embedded Inline six-pointed star is not only the owner’s identity,but make the nose pads more firm and not loose easily.

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