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Glenn: Hey, folks. Glenn May here with bassresource. com, andI’m here with Ish Monroe at the Lowrance Boothat the 2016 Show talking about 3D StructureScanfrom Lowrance. Ish, tell me a little bit about this. Ish: Well, 3D StructureScan, we’re been standardto a 2D version, you know, up and down what’son the bottom. 3D StructureScan is taking fishing to thenext level. You know, for guys who were never really gooddeep water fisherman like myself, it’s mademe a better deep water fisherman because now,I can see how fish are positioned on a humpor on a ledge. When you get a 3D StructureScan, you can actuallyrotate where your boat is and see how thefish are positioned here. So if they’re sitting up off the bottom, youknow exactly how far off the bottom they’resitting. If they’re sitting on a hump, they’re sittingon the left side of the hump or the rightside of the hump, or in the front, or theback of the hump, your able to tell wherethose fish are, and then you know where tomake the cast. So the fish are in a spot where they wantyou to bring it from shallow to deep, youcan do that. Or if they want it from deep to shallow, youcan change your angles or your boat becausethat’s huge in deep water fishing is anglesand figuring out exactly the right angle,so now 3D StructureScan allows you to do that. You know, it’s all on the Gen3 HDS units. You can go from the 7 all the way up to the12 and use a 3D StructureScan. Glenn: So you. . . show me that again, you canjust pivot around and look all the way around. . . Ish: Yeah. You get a 360-degree view of how the fishare related. Like you could see that we went over somefish here and we actually missed them, butwe know that they’re back there so we canactually go back and see which part of thebank they’re actually sitting. Glenn: That is amazing. Ish: Yeah. I mean, it’s awesome. Like I said, it’s changed the way that I’veactually looked at structure. And you’ll be able to see a log, and see theshadow, and see shadows of fish sitting onthat log, so you know that they’re on thisside of the log or that side of the log. So you know, most of the time, bass are anambush fish so they wanted you to bring itfrom this side of the log over to like wherethey’re hiding at, and they’ll come up andeat the bait, versus bringing it right atthem. It’s like it doesn’t look as natural, andit’s not like a bird of prey. Glenn: Well, we’ve come a long way since thedays of flashers, haven’t we?Ish: Oh yeah, we have. And I mean, it’s very simple and easy to install. It’s just a little bit bigger than the currentStructureScan transducer. You include this box in here, and you’re prettymuch ready to go. Glenn: Fantastic. Guys, you gotta check this out. This is gonna change the way that you fish.

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