Preventing Line Twists on Spinning Reels When Bass Fishing – Are you making these huge spinning reel mistakes? Uncover the secrets to reducing and eliminating line twists when fishing with spinning reels. While spinning reels are notorious for tangles, twists and loops, you'll learn the techniques and tips for preventing such fishing line mishaps with simple but effective tactics.

Bass Fishing – Reaper Madness

Bass fishing with a Don Iovino Cow Tongue – hand poured Reaper style worm on a 1/8 oz jig head. line- 8 lb fluorocarbon

Bass Fishing the Spawn with Plastics

Bass fishing the spawn with plastics. Tips and tricks to boating more of those aggressive pre spawn and spawning fish. Sight fishing bass on beds can make for one insane day on the water. Creature baits, scent, and sunglass are key for fishing spawning bass with plastics. I’m in southern Minnesota pounding some great largemouth […]

FS Tour – Week 15: Bass Fishing Tournament Highlights Of Win

Me and a couple of buddies have our own small bass fishing tournament trail we fish a couple of times a month. I videotaped this weeks tourney and won with 18lbs 6oz (5 fish). This video is a breakdown of the fish being caught. Follow me on Instagram! Use code "fisheguy" for a 15% […]

Choosing Rods for Bass Fishing (Part 1 of 3)

This is part 1 of a 3 part series of videos explaining the thought process that I go through when choosing rods for bass fishing.

Explaining the Different Types of Bass Fishing Jigs

I know that bass fishing jigs can be confusing with all the different types of jig styles and heads out there. In this video I attempt to simplify the choices and explain why. Win a fishing trip with me. Join the Fishing Shirt of the Month Club ******************************************************************** Other Jig Video How to Fish […]

Bass Fishing the Fluke

Bass fishing with a 7 inch Zoom Super Mag Fluke in clear water.

The Complete Bass Fishing Rod Lineup

Six Rod and Reel Combos that cover just about every lure in bass fishing.

Peacock Bass Fishing in Miami – ft. Monster Mike and Southern Fin Apparel

In this episode of BlacktipH, Josh joins Monster Mike and Jason Luongo to go fishing for peacock bass in Miami. The bite was instant and intense! These peacock bass were ravenous and never hesitated to eat out baits. We had multiple double header peacock bass throughout the day. Josh also caught a really nice largemouth, […]

Bass Fishing Big Worms

Bass fishing with a big 15 inch C Mac worm from Netbaits. This bass was under the bridge, laying under some matted hydrilla grass. Rod- Abu Garcia Veritas, 7 ft heavy Reel- Abu Garcia Revo Inshore

Top 5 Ways To Fish A Senko – Bass Fishing Tips & Tricks

If you have every struggled deciding how to best rig your soft plastic Senko for bass fishing, look no further than this video! I explain my favorite ways to rig the V&M Chopstick (senko) so YOU can catch more fish! If you liked this video, or have any questions, shoot em down in the comments […]

Best Rig For Rock & Brush — Bass Fishing Rig

Music: Song: Folds — Artist: Feverkin & Koresma Sorry the fishing has not been on point folks! I plan on hitting the 2O tomorrow for my final closing MTB Slam. Should be a good one so stay tuned! Oh, and of course if you have any questions about this video or just fishing in general […]

Largemouth Bass Fishing Senkos – Senko Fishing Techniques

Fishing a warmer day, a little bit of a breeze, sunny. I was fishing the Gary Yamamoto 6″ Senko, watermelon with chartreuse tail. Caught all these fish on my Wright and McGill Skeet Reese 6’4″ Medium Fast Action Rod. Be sure to subscribe!! Go to for the shirt I was wearing! Use the code: […]

GORGEOUS Smallmouth Bass Fishing – Exploring the World Around Us

Exploring new waters in the historic city center… the ONLY way it gets better than that is when you catch a few CHUNKY smallmouth bass. These were very pretty smallies as well! SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT! LUCKY TACKLE BOX $5 COUPON: REP YOUR WATER: MAX CATCH FISHING: DIAMONDBACK FISHING RODS: QUACKS & […]

BEST Fishing Game EVER? Bass Fishing Game Boy!

In this video, we take a trip back to 1997 to play the best fishing game ever, “Lunker Bass Fishing”! If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to hit the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT down below if you had one of these games growing up! Thanks for watching! More AWESOME Fishing Videos: SUBSCRIBE […]

Most Insane Underwater Bass Fishing Footage Ever!! GoPro Footage of Giant Bass Eating Lures!

Ever wondered what it looks like when schools of giant fish start fighting over a lure? Do they really fight over who will eat it first? Let's go underwater and see! These largemouth bass are fighting over our jerkbaits to be the first one to bite! This wolfpack of fish is so crazy they'll bite […]

Creme Lure Unboxing – Bass Fishing

Unboxing a package from Creme lures Music Jessica Hart- Social Media Snapchat- ctoutdoors Instagram- ctoutdoors25 Twitter- CtOutdoors25 Facebook- CToutdoors source

Bass Fishing For Beginners – What Lures and Tackle do You Buy First – How to Fish

In this bass fishing for beginners, how to fish video I go to Sportsman’s Warehouse and walk you through the first lures, tackle box, and tackle that you should buy to get started. ******************************************************************** Join my Fishing Shirt of the Month Club – Help the families of our fallen heros – ******************************************************************** Tackle used in […]

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