Bass Fishing in the Summer – Only 3 Hours to Fish

Hot Summer days can be difficult for bass fishing. Here's how I figure the fish out quickly and catch a few before it gets too hot. #howtofish #bassfishing #summerfishing #fishing ******************************************************************** Get all Flukemaster branded apparel and all the equipment that I use at – Help the families of our fallen heros – […]

Kayak Bass Fishing in Smaller Water

Chad Hoover hooks up with Wilderness Systems boat designer, Hans Nutz, to look for big bass in small Tennessee ponds. Subscribe to Kayak Bassin TV:… Follow Chad: Facebook – Instagram –… Twitter – SnapChat – KayakBassFish ——————————————————————————————————– MY CAMERA EQUIPMENT: Primary Pro Camera Sony PMW-200 Canon 5D MK II […]


Experience the beauty of Otay Lake in Chula Vista and see live action and results of the WON BASS Tournament. Big bass are everywhere spawning and the anglers are in competition with Mother Nature as well.

Topwater Frog Bass Fishing

Buy these frogs at our website Subscribe to see more videos. Follow us on social media: Tweets by _BamaBass_ Catching several largemouth bass on topwater frogs during the spawn. The last minute of the video shows "the ones that got away." I was fishing with a Koppers Live Target Hollow Body […]

Winter Time Jerk Bait Tips for Bass A few things you need to know about fishing jerkbaits in the winter time. Choosing the right jerkbait, rod, and line are big factors in getting fish in the boat.

Kayak Bass Fishing | TOURNAMENT SERIES | $100,000 GUARANTEED

Here is the overview of the Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament Series for 2018 and into the future. Here are some useful links. PLAN your trip to La Crosse: Learn more about KBF – JOIN Kayak Bass Fishing – WATCH THE OTHER VIDEO: —————————— PLEASE TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS ——————————– ——————————————————————————————————– SUBSCRIBE – […]

BEST BIG Bass Fishing for Bass Tournament – HawgNSonsTV

September 12 2010 2:00pm Lake Geneva Wisconsin W 7mph. 75 degrees Sunny. Barometer 30.11 Rising, Waxing Crescent 32% of the Moon is Illuminated.BEST BIG Bass Fishing for Bass Tournament Fishing The BEST Bass Tournament, The Big Bucks Bass Tournament http://www.BigBucksBass.Com/ @ Lake Geneva Wisconsin with The Hewkinators, Mark and Jeramie Hewkin ……………………. Captured ONLY on […]

Big Largemouth bass, bass fishing in Alabama

Buy these Culprit Worms from our site Subscribe to see more videos. My wife Liz and I catching some big bass in the second half of July Worm fishing.

Spinnerbait Fishing for Bass- Prime Conditions

The spinnerbait is one of the best lures for catching bass that has ever been made. Here I show the best time to throw a spinnerbait to get great results. Want to learn more about spinnerbaits? Get this video to 1000 likes and I will do an in depth video on spinnerbaits.

The Complete Bass Fishing Rod Lineup

Six Rod and Reel Combos that cover just about every lure in bass fishing.

Largemouth Bass 6 and 9lbers on Topwater at Lake Fork for more fishing stuff follow my tweets Fishing the low light hours for three days, there was too many topwater bites to film. These are some of the strikes that were caught on camera, including a 9lber being caught. Walking baits rigged on 15lb LFT Powersilk mono line and my favorite topwater rod, […]

Fishing Tackle Set Up for Pitching to Bass

This is the equipment and tackle that I use for pitching and roll casting to cover. This is a techniques that is highly effective for going down a bank quickly or strategically picking apart a small area to catch bass. Docks, vegetation, stumps, lay down logs, holders, marinas, and standing timber are some examples of […]

Bass Fishing: Pond Loaded With Bass Helps These Kids Practice Their Skills, 26 Largemouth Bass

Bass fishing at sunset park, nv has been great this summer. We caught largemouth bass on spinner baits, senko worms, and jigs. The pond has been loaded which allows us to practice a huge variety of baits. FISHING PRODUCTS USED ——————————————– Hot Lures/Baits Used !!! *Spinnerbait – *Senkos – *Drop Shot Hooks – […]

How to Catch Bass in Deep Water Hey fellow fishing freaks! This video is the extra long educational version of the deep water structure fishing montage. Click the link to check it out! I'm hoping that this will answer some of the questions you guys have had about finding and catching bass on offshore structure. There are lots of ways to […]

Bikini Bowfishing for my BIRTHDAY!!!!

Bikini Bowfishing for my BIRTHDAY!!!! Thanks to Osceola Outback – Byron & Kim Hennecy 407-908-3216 Check out my Instagram @VickyStark: Logo: Lunker Lab Instagram: @LunkerLab

Blond In Bikini Doing Some Dirty Talk Bass Fishing

Our Facebook Page! We've been having some fun out in the sun lately now that the weather is warming up it's bikini time again!

Top 10 Most Popular Fishing & Hunting Video Clips

Top 10 MOST POPULAR fishing & hunting video clips! BEST Bikini Florida fishing saltwater gopro video clips! My most popular videos; extreme shark fishing, largemouth bass, jumping sailfish, mullet run, cast nets, big snook, freediving and alligator hunting in this great compilation. COMMENT BELOW & TELL US YOUR FAVORITE CLIPS IN THIS VIDEO! LINKS TO […]

MONSTER 25 pound fish on ULTRALIGHT fishing tackle

Yes that’s right, we landed a 25lb carp with ultralight tackle whilst fishing for perch! Many more fishing videos coming soon, one every Friday in fact! Keep up to date with all our fishing stuff below! Follow us on Instagram: Support our channel: Chat with us on Facebook: Add us on Snapchat!!! carlandalex Our channel, […]

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