My Top 4 Bass Fishing Lures (subject to change)

I've was asked by a subscriber to make a video of my Top 4 Bass Fishing Lures. Well here it is.

How to Fish Swim Jigs for Big Bass – Summer Fishing Tips

Learn how to catch summer bass on a swim jig! Bass fishing tournament angler Mike Iaconelli talks about how to catch big bass on his favorite subtle power technique! In this on-water video, Ike explains the situations he like to throw a swim jig in, the trailers he prefers and then demonstrates casts and retrieves. […]

3 True Stories From The Tournament Trail | Bass Fishing

Here are three stories – all true – that happened the first year that Mike Iaconelli ever tournament fished. Related Videos: How To Cull Fish Fast and Safely: Come check out the best Bass Fishing videos from! They're loaded with fishing tips and tricks, plus useful information designed to help you catch more […]

Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament – Mike Iaconelli vs Chad Hoover

A Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament head to head between one of the best in the world of Bass Tournaments (Mike Iaconelli) and the man who started Kayak Bass Tournaments (Chad Hoover). The looser has to shave his beard. Join my Fishing Shirt of the Month Club – Sign up for MTB Mobile Alerts – […]

Simple Jig Fishing w/ GERALD SWINDLE- Bass Fishing Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Watch Entire Class: Watch More YouTube Videos: Check Out The Tackle The Pros Use: As with most everything the G-Man does, he taught The Bass University's classroom how to keep their jig selection "SIMPLE". Following Gerald's approach to Jig Selection just might make life a whole lot easier! All together "G" guided […]

Denny Brauer & Tommy Biffle Fight – Ike’s Bass Fishing Lore

Special guest on IKE LIVE Pre-Classic show, 1998 Bassmaster Classic Champion, Denny Brauer. Brauer talks about almost Classic wins and finally winning in 1998 at High Rock. Denny talks about how flippin' a tube, instead of a jig, won him the tournament, and how that helped get flipping tubes started. Brauer says that winning a […]

How to Find Bass in the Post Spawn Transition

Mike Iaconelli shares his smart system for finding and catching post spawn bass migrating from the backs of spawning bays en route to summer haunts along river ledges. Featured Product: Rapala Ike's Custom Ink DT Series Crankbait: Rapala DT Series Crankbait:

Mike Iaconelli: Fall Bass Fishing Techniques

Mike takes a look at fall bass fishing techniques and explains how to pattern bass during the fall. Mike also breaks down the two distinct time periods; early fall feed and late fall transition. He then covers lure choice and the importance of finding the bait fish.

Zoom Finesse Worm and Trick Worm Bass Fishing Lures

The Lure Tour presents the Zoom Finesse Worm and the Zoom Trick Worm.

Yamamoto Swimming Senko Bass fishing lure

The Lure Tour presents the Yamamoto Swimming Senko. This is rigged with a 3/8oz weighted Owner hook to make it fall faster and create tail kick on the drop. source

MIKE IACONELLI: Finesse Fishing Tips & Tricks. Bass U TV Preview

Watch Entire Finesse Video: Watch More YouTube Videos: Check Out The Tackle The Pros Use: When the bite gets tough, Mike Iaconelli is an expert on getting the fish to react with finesse techniques! In part one of Ike’s on-water instruction on Finesse tactics, Ike talks about one of his favorite and […]

Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Tips With Mike Iaconelli B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler, Mike Iaconelli, shares tips for fishing Toledo Bend Reservoir in the fall with a focus on finding flats, grass edges and “matching the hatch” to catch bass as they feed heavily heading into the winter months. *Special thanks to the team at Hitch N Fish for joining us on the […]

IKE LIVE #22 Pre-BASSFest Bass Fishing Show Video

Originally Broadcast from May 28th, 2015, this episode features Ike via Skype on Pickwick. Chad Morgenthaler and Kevin … rated:4.64 viewed:1792 source

Bassmaster Tour Lake Seminole FishingTV

February 6 – 9, 2002. a video from our fishing trip. biggest of the day was 7.2 lbs. (I Do NOt Own This music) Credit:, Bassmasters, ESPN2 Brett … rated:0.00 viewed:65 source

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