My Top 4 Bass Fishing Lures (subject to change)

I've was asked by a subscriber to make a video of my Top 4 Bass Fishing Lures. Well here it is.

Bass Fishing : How to Connect the Leader to Braid Fishing Line

In order to attach a leader to braided fishing line for drop shooting, it's important to pay attention to the diameter of the braid and leader. Find out how to ensure that the knots will pull together when connecting a leader to braided fishing line with help from a professional bass fisherman in this free […]

Fall Bass Fishing Tips

In-depth look at the Fall bass migration with strategy and techniques discussed. These fall bass fishing tips will put you where the bass and shad are during these colder months. To view more fishing videos like this, visit

Winter Bass Fishing – Tips and Techniques when it’s Cold

Winter Bass Fishing can be tough especially in Florida when the water gets cold. Here is a video full of tips and techniques that will help you catch a few this winter. ******************************************************************** Join my Fishing Shirt of the Month Club – Help the families of our fallen heros – ******************************************************************** Equipment Used […]

#7 Rapala Fishing Knot for Bass fishing | How to tie a lure to a fishing line

Fishing knot: How to tie a lure to a fishing line. Rapala fishing knot, step by step, quick and easy tutorial how to tie lure for Bass fishing. Very strong knot and very simple … You can tie swivel, you can tie hook, you can tie sinker… with this knot. If you want to learn […]

Bass Fishing the Spawn with Plastics

Bass fishing the spawn with plastics. Tips and tricks to boating more of those aggressive pre spawn and spawning fish. Sight fishing bass on beds can make for one insane day on the water. Creature baits, scent, and sunglass are key for fishing spawning bass with plastics. I’m in southern Minnesota pounding some great largemouth […]

Mini Bass Tournament!! I STOLE HIS FISH!?!

Today I’m fishing Lake Simcoe in a 1v1v1v1 mini bass tournament! I’m fishing against: Seb – Steve – And Aaron! Who will win and who will have to face the punishment!? Gear used: Rods: Zodias Casting (7’2 M F) – Zodias Spinning (7’0 M F) – Reels: Casitas (7:2.1) – […]

Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament Win! DKBS aka Western Kayak Bass Series

Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament Win! DKBS aka Western Kayak Bass Series.

How to Catch Largemouth Bass – Winter Jerkbait Bass Fishing Tips – Lake Fork Bass Fishing Report

How to bass fish and where to bass fish jerkbaits is explained in this fishing tips video. Stephen Fatherree shows jerkbait tips and techniques that can be used on Lake Fork and any clear water lake to catch big winter time largemouth bass.

How to Catch Bass in Early Winter – Crankbait Jig Spinnerbait Tx Rig Winter Bass Fishing Tips

Crankbaits, flipping jigs, spinnerbaits, texas rigged worms are great fishing lures for catching largemouth bass shallower than 10 ft. In this how to bass fishing tips video, Lake Fork Bass Guide Stephen Fatherree shows how to catch bass in shallow water. Early winter bass fishing can be productive with the right lure!

BEST Bank Fishing Strategies For Bass

No boat? No problem! Lucky Tackle Box's Travis Moran lays out two of the best bank fishing strategies so you can catch more fish while walking the shoreline. Travis rigs the Big Bite Baits Battle Bug with a Texas rig and a drop shot to show you how to catch bass. Get $5 OFF your […]

Yamamoto Senko Bass Fishing Lure

The Lure Tour presents one of the most influential baits in bass fishing, the Yamamoto Senko, shown here wacky rigged on a 1/0 wide gap finesse hook from Gamakatsu.

Topwater Frog Bass Fishing

Buy these frogs at our website Subscribe to see more videos. Follow us on social media: Tweets by _BamaBass_ Catching several largemouth bass on topwater frogs during the spawn. The last minute of the video shows "the ones that got away." I was fishing with a Koppers Live Target Hollow Body […]

Explaining the Different Types of Bass Fishing Jigs

I know that bass fishing jigs can be confusing with all the different types of jig styles and heads out there. In this video I attempt to simplify the choices and explain why. Win a fishing trip with me. Join the Fishing Shirt of the Month Club ******************************************************************** Other Jig Video How to Fish […]

Jerkbait Bass Fishing Tips – How to Retreive a Jerkbait

Jerkbaits are great springtime bass fishing lures for clear water lakes. Fishing these lures with the right retrieve will catch more fish. In this how to fishing tips video, Texas bass fishing guide Stephen Fatherree,, explains how to fish a jerk bait in shallow water for largemouth bass.

Prespawn Bass Fishing Top Picks

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