My Top 4 Bass Fishing Lures (subject to change)

I've was asked by a subscriber to make a video of my Top 4 Bass Fishing Lures. Well here it is.

Bass Fishing – How to Fish a Football Jig – ALL THE TIPS AND TECHNIQUES

Bass Fishing with Football Jigs can be intimidating to a lot of bass fishermen. From Pre Spawn to Post Spawn it catches big bass. Here are the tips and techniques that will help you learn how to fish the football jig and catch more bass. Join my Fishing Shirt of the Month Club – […]

Bass Fishing – How to Fish a Football Jig

Bass Fishing with a Football Jig can be difficult and hard to gain confidence in. Here is how I like to fish it. ******************************************************************** Fishing Shirt of the Month Club – ******************************************************************** Mailing Address: PO Box 442 Armuchee, GA 30105 ******************************************************************* New fishing Videos almost every day. Be sure to subscribe. ******************************************************************** Equipment used […]

Bass Fishing with Jigs in Cold Water

The water is cold and the bass are slow but you can still catch a big one on a jig. Find me on Facebook at – http://

Jig Fishing Tips and Strategies for Bass

Covering every aspect of jig fishing, this high definition video will teach anglers the strategy and tips for fishing jigs for largemouth bass. Jig selection, rods, reels and fishing line.

Washington State Largemouth Bass fishing

Could the prized chrome salmon of Washington State one day be replaced by green Largemouth Bass as the most sought after catch? rated:5.00 viewed:2493 source

Spoon Feeding Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass – Facts of Fishing Season 6 Episode 7

On this week’s espied of Dave Mercer’s Facts of Fishing from Season 6 Dave joins Lake Erie smallmouth superstar Simon Frost to try to spoon feed some fall freaks of nature. source

Tips (and Trade Secrets) on Jigging for Summer Smallmouth Bass – Jigging for Bass with Tube Jigs Hello everyone, this week we’re coming at you with a great video showing you many great tips (and some trade secrets by Ivo) on how to jig for summer smallmouth bass. There are many great ways to jig for smallmouth bass, though Ivo shares some great tips on how to make a normal tube […]

Handlining Winter Bass — Tip-up Ice Fishing

Thanks for watching today’s video. Sorry it took me so long to get a new one up. I’ve been busy on that work and fishing grind, but I love it! Huge S/O to Dan for showing me around his local pond waters and doing 99.9% of the tip-up labor. This dude is basically a guide […]

Deep Water Jigging For Bass Fishing Tips

JP DeRose does some deep jigging on weedlines in 18-23 feet of water for sme late season bass. For more videos from Getting School’d with JP DeRose, go to: source

Bass Fishing Jigs: Silicone Vs. Living Rubber

When choosing a jig, the skirt material matters. Check out the differences between Silicone and Living Rubber skirts. rated:5.00 viewed:2454 source

Giant Bass Through Clear Ice — Ice Fishing

FINALLY! Safe ice is here in Nor. IL. Huge thanks to Kris and Billy for taking me out on their local honey hole and showing me how to pin down these finicky … rated:4.91 viewed:242914 source

Best Jig for Bass Fishing Review ( Fishing Frugal Lures)

Please subscribe for more fishing content *Follow Me On: Twitter- BassanglersA Instagram-bassanglers anonymous Snapchat- bassanglersa Periscope-Bassanglers Anonymous Facebook- William Selby *Great jigs, great price check em out. *Watch Bass Slaying Videos: source

GRAPHIC footage of Monster Mako Shark attacking Huge cobia. RECORD HUGE FISH

Cobia double header and a 12 foot 500 lb Mako Shark aboard “Undecided”. We tried our best to kill and take the shark in the boat. But we definitely were under … rated:1.54 viewed:23734 source

Epic Surf Fishing with Lures! Hints and Tips | TAFishing

Lure fishing in the surf for hard fighting, hard fighting, full on game fish! Graeme takes the Totally Awesome Fishing camera’s to record some epic action on a wild atlantic beach. Surface lures and jigs, did the damage. Graeme gives you beginners tips on what gear to use, rods, reels lures etc for topwater action. […]

Illinois Fatty Bass

First day out bass fishing in Central Illinois on March 30, 2015. Hell of a way to start the year w/ a monster 8 lb largemouth! rated:4.55 viewed:3128 source

Largemouth Bass Fishing – Minnesota

Summer time bass fishing. Overall good day. Two biggest was 4lbs flat and 4lbs 9oz. Enjoy! rated:5.00 viewed:59 source

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