Largemouth Bass Fishing on Lake Vermilion with JC Sutton There you go fishing

There you Go Fishing! rated:5.00 viewed:64 source

Monster Bag of St. Johns River Bass! 35lbs Bag!

After the first Bassmaster Southern Open at lake Toho, I stayed in Florida a little longer to learn how to sight fish on the St. Johns River. All the footage came from my last day on the water with my best five going for 35lbs in less than 7 hours! Best day of fishing ever! […]

Texas Rig (Tips and Tricks)

There quite possibly isn’t a more popular rig out there. I tried to pack as much detail into this video that I could but I don’t think I did it justice. source

The Mojo Rig for Fishing Grass (How To)

The Mojo Rig is a great way to finesse bass out of the grass. Watch in Full HD. (1080p) source

Spring Bass Fishing 2016

I usually don’t have long periods of time that I’m home since we are on the road so much so this was extra special! To be able to enjoy the comfort of home and have fun fishing the lakes I grew up on! There will be a “Tech Tip” video for this coming soon to […]

Top 5 Topwater Walking Baits

With all the topwater baits on the market its hard to know which baits to try. These are the top 5 baits that we recommend. You can purchase them at: To read the full write up explaining how we chose these 5, visit Fish with Matt: Like what you see? Follow us: […]

Fletcher Shryock- Impossible is Nothing: Bass Fishing Motivation

From a youngster fishing in the backyard creek to now fishing on the Bassmaster Elite Series, Fletcher Shryock reminds us all to shoot for our dreams. From where it all began and he grew up to the event that changed his life. Impossible really is nothing. -voice by motivational speaker -Eric Thomas I encourage you […]

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