FS Tour – Week 15: Bass Fishing Tournament Highlights Of Win

Me and a couple of buddies have our own small bass fishing tournament trail we fish a couple of times a month. I videotaped this weeks tourney and won with 18lbs 6oz (5 fish). This video is a breakdown of the fish being caught. Follow me on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/fisheguy/ Use code "fisheguy" for a 15% […]

Winter Time Jerk Bait Tips for Bass

http://www.justinrackley.com/ A few things you need to know about fishing jerkbaits in the winter time. Choosing the right jerkbait, rod, and line are big factors in getting fish in the boat.

Spinnerbait Fishing for Bass- Prime Conditions

The spinnerbait is one of the best lures for catching bass that has ever been made. Here I show the best time to throw a spinnerbait to get great results. Want to learn more about spinnerbaits? Get this video to 1000 likes and I will do an in depth video on spinnerbaits.

Largemouth Bass 6 and 9lbers on Topwater at Lake Fork

http://www.justinrackley.com for more fishing stuff http://www.twitter.com/lakeforkguy follow my tweets Fishing the low light hours for three days, there was too many topwater bites to film. These are some of the strikes that were caught on camera, including a 9lber being caught. Walking baits rigged on 15lb LFT Powersilk mono line and my favorite topwater rod, […]

Fishing Tackle Set Up for Pitching to Bass

This is the equipment and tackle that I use for pitching and roll casting to cover. This is a techniques that is highly effective for going down a bank quickly or strategically picking apart a small area to catch bass. Docks, vegetation, stumps, lay down logs, holders, marinas, and standing timber are some examples of […]

How to Catch Bass in Deep Water

http://www.justinrackley.com/ Hey fellow fishing freaks! This video is the extra long educational version of the deep water structure fishing montage. Click the link to check it out! I'm hoping that this will answer some of the questions you guys have had about finding and catching bass on offshore structure. There are lots of ways to […]

Largemouth Bass Fishing Senkos – Senko Fishing Techniques

Fishing a warmer day, a little bit of a breeze, sunny. I was fishing the Gary Yamamoto 6″ Senko, watermelon with chartreuse tail. Caught all these fish on my Wright and McGill Skeet Reese 6’4″ Medium Fast Action Rod. Be sure to subscribe!! Go to www.setthehook.us for the shirt I was wearing! Use the code: […]

Catching a big bass UNDERWATER FOOTAGE !!!

Saw a big bass swimming, so i dropped the GoPro down to get some underwater footage. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe. You can email me with any questions, comments or if you just want to say hello ThatGuySkimpy@Gmail.com. Check out Northwest Bassin on Facebook too: source

Boat and Tackle Tour – Skeeter FX tour and my tackle set up

A closer look at the Skeeter FX 20 and my tackle and equipment that I use. source

Jig Fishing Basics for Bass – My most used Jigs and Trailers

A basic look at some of the most popular jig designs and my favorite trailers. When and where to fish a jig. source

Jig Fishing Basics for Bass – My most used Jigs and Trailers

A basic look at some of the most popular jig designs and my favorite trailers. When and where to fish a jig.

HUGE Bass on a Bed and a CRAZY Catch!! | TylersReelFishing

Clark and I decided to head out to Lake Travis and wound up having a SPECTACULAR day of Bed Fishing! He caught a STINKIN GIANT! And the catch was even CRAZIER! Our new favorite Bed fishing bait is the Spot Remover Jig head with a Strike King rage craw! Check it out below! HIT SUBSCRIBE […]

Bass Fishing Tips – How to Save a Fish’s Life

http://www.twitter.com/lakeforkguy Follow my tweets Largemouth bass and other fish species can become sick after enduring stress and injury, just like us. It is important to know the proper way to handle fish, and make sure they return safely to the water. This video has a great formula that I use to treat fish wounds and […]

Pre-Spawn Largemouth Bass Fishing – Red Lipless Crankbaits

Red is Best! Lipless Crankbaits for Pre Spawn Bass! First trip of the season and we nail big bass on Red Lipless Crankbaits! They’re feeding up on crawfish, … rated:5.00 viewed:547 source

Pond Fishing With Frogs-Tips and Tricks | TylersReelFishing

Clark found this awesome small pond and wanted me to film him fishing it! He explains the ins and outs of fishing the ribbit frog over vegetation and how to catch some nice fish out of a small pond! HIT SUBSCRIBE to join me on the water and stay up to date on my latest […]

A Full Size Duck Fishing Lure?? iCast Day 1

Day 1 of traveling/iCast was a blast, and it was awesome to reconnect with all the Lucky Tackle Box YouTubers! The New Product Showcase was sweet, as I got to see many products before anyone else! Stay tuned for more iCast content, HOPEFULLY coming daily. No Promises though people! Check out Alex’s Channel here: https://youtu.be/0faZJRuCbEU […]

Bed Fishing Quick Tips | TylersReelFishing

Just threw together a quick video of one of my sight fishing days this spring. Richie and I had a fun day, and I hope you learned something from this video, even if … rated:4.84 viewed:13175 source

5 tips for Late Summer Fishing | TylersReelFishing

I know it’s a little late, but I hope this video shines some light on how to fish in the late summer, which can be a very hard time of the year to catch fish! Let me know if you have any questions or comments! HIT SUBSCRIBE to join me on the water and stay […]

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