Largemouth Bass Lures

At one point all most every bait used has probably caught a bass. Manufacturers and fishermen classify bass lures by the depth at which they are most effectively used – top-water, mid-water and deep-running.

Top Water – Now, of course top water lures such as buzz baits, poppers, and surface plugs are great for shallow water. The best results for top water lures will come from water that’s 5 feet or less near some kind of structure. example (weed beds, brush, land-points etc.)

– Buzz baits are one of the best baits for a fun catch. The bass will literally attack them out of no where. A good one for the bigger bass too.

– Very productive, especially in late spring at the end of the spawn.

– Good for fishing allot of water in a short time.

– I suggest using this to find pools of bass and then slow down withe something more discrete so not to scare all the fish off.

– You should catch more fish if you attach a plastic shad body to the hook. To the fish it looks like a meal with all the commotion. It looks like a fish fluttering away in a panic. Thats really all they see. The blades become invisible during spinning on the top of the water.

– I use a 1/2 ounce buzz bait if the water is choppy or even a 3/4 ounce.

– a 1/4 ounce if the bass are smaller and or the water is calm.

Hula Poppers are one of my favorite top water baits to use.

– best for calmer waters. It’s quite a bit slower than fishing a buzz bait.

Mid-water- Some mid-water lure examples (crank-baits, spoons, minnow-plugs)

Spoons are versatile. They can be fished at almost any depth and retrieval speed. Minnow plugs and crank-baits have a lip that makes the lure to dive when you reel it in. Some models float on the surface when at rest, and some sink. The sinking ones can be used at almost all depths by counting down the sinking to the depth you want it.

Crank-Bait lures are one of my favorite lures to use. I’ve caught more fish on crank-baits than almost any other lure. Particularly the Rebel Crawfish.

The Big Craw meets the demand for larger, deeper-runners and runs at depths of up to 10 feet. The ultra-light Rebel Crawfish is undoubtedly one of the most popular fishing lures in the world. Its small life-like profile entices and catches all sizes of game fish – especially bass, trout, and panfish. The versatile family of Rebel Lures Crawfish are quite possibly the most productive series of crankbaits ever made. Deep, shallow, suspending, cast, or trolled for virtually any freshwater species there’s a Rebel Crawfish that’s designed to get the job done.

-People I fish with always want to know what I’m using when I sneak on my rebel crawfish crank-bait. I suggest having a handful of these things around and in different sizes.

Deep water – Deep structure in summer with jigging-spoons that are fished just off the bottom is a good idea. These lures can also be dressed with pork rind or soft-bodied attractors. Other deep water lures include lead-heads, plastic worms etc.. Steep drop offs are great for jigs with an imitation crayfish on it. bouncing it barely off the bottom as you bring it in.

– A great lure all most all times of the year(off the deep side of weedbeds, straight out from points, etc…) is a dark colored lead-headed jig with a pork frog attached to that. The jig should have a skirt on it. Its especially productive in early spring and fall. I like to cast it towards shore and hop it out to a drop off and let it flutter over a drop off. Deep diving crankbaits are also good. Just let it hit bottom and let it lay with a little jig once and a while. Use either a dark pork frog or a green one. If you’re careful with that pork frog you’ll get a few – many fishing trips with it, depending on how careful you are. they are really strong. You have to finesse it off the hook though.

Something to keep in mind, Bass like the color RED! If one color doesn’t work, try another. Use brighter colors in clearer water and darker colors in darker water. Another thing to keep in mind, leaches work great also! I have caught a lot of fish on leaches. I think they’re a lot better than worms ever thought of being. Probably because of how active the leach is in the water.

Source by Amber McClellan

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