Bryan "Beef" Sathre of Fathead Guide Service and Ron Hustvedt of hit the water to try out the new Impulse Reactionary Baits from Northland Tackle. Coming soon to a store near you, these baits proved themselves to be fish catching machines.

After 35 years of field research into what triggers a fish's instinctual urge to search out and eat certain forage over another, Team Northland partnered with a leading Minnesota university to study and develop a new scented soft bait formula that revolved around the Tri-Fects of Attraction…Scent, Color and Action.

The University researched dozens of formulations and hundreds of live fish laboratory taste tests around fishes' chemoreceptors (fish sense of sight, taste and feel), until the secret scent of IMPULSE REACTIONARY BAITS was discovered. The flavor burst instinctual attractant that features a based in MicroPlankton formula was proven by head to head live fish laboratory tests to be 143% more effective than the leading brand! Formulated with all natural products, the water based IMPULSE REACTIONARY BAITS works to urge a fish's instinctual desire to bite and hold the fortified baits in its mouth longer.




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