Largemouth Bass Fishing Lures – How Do You Know If You Are Actually Using the Correct Type of Lure?

It can be hard sometimes to figure out which one you should use at which time when dealing with largemouth bass fishing lures. You have a huge selection of colors, styles, sizes, designs and each one is great, but usually for a different purpose or time of day. While you may use a lip less crank-bait when it’s bright out to blend into the rocks and debris in the water, you may use a spinner-bait in the evening to blend in with the water. While each type has a few different variations, it’s important to also recognize that each type also has subtypes.

Crank-baits are used all the time by fishermen and are very successful at catching largemouth bass. This particular type of largemouth bass fishing lure comes in various designs that are good for different reasons. One kind in particular that I use a lot during the summer is the shallow-running crank-baits. The great thing about crank-baits is that they have many different purposes. Some will sit still in the water after you release your line. They won’t go up and down, but will just sit and wait, which is good if your “prey” is hiding behind a rock or some type of material in the water.

Other crank-baits will allow you to time how low they go. This way you can decide how low you want them to go and then stop them whenever you feel they’ve gone far enough. This is a great design if you’re fishing in very deep waters but the fish are at the surface or just slightly below.

Another way to catch bass is to use frogs. Yes I know it may seem a bit silly but when a frog is on a pad, bass jump at the chance to eat them. In fact they actually will try and eat anything on a pad in the water. They can’t tell what it is their eating until they eat it! Using frog patterns are great.

Another type of lure that is used is the spinner-baits. These come in a few different colors, shapes and sizes. They have metal blades that propels them through the water. Many fishermen still use these to this day along with other lures. It’s important to recognize that largemouth bass fishing lures are only effective if you are using them at the right time of day and also the correct color, so I urge you to pay plenty of attention to that.

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