This, the second in the Nature of Fishing documentary series on the behavior of the Largemouth Bass, takes a deep look into the development of Largemouth Bass through their first year of life. While we’ll be following the physical stages that bass undergo, our focus is on the development of bass behavior. We could almost say that we are about to explore “how bass think”. Better, however, to use the term, cognition: How living things “make sense” of the world around them; That is, what bass would “think” about, and why.

Eggs 5:14
Yolk Fry 6:37
Swim-Up Fry 12:49
Mobile Fry 14:20
Social Behavior 14:59
Feeding Behavior 18:33
Predator Avoidance 30:51
Fingerlings 34:31
Climbing the Food Chain 37:07
Piscivory 45:37
Challenges to Attention 51:51
Join us on Patreon 59:36

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