Large-Mouth Bass Tactics – Fishing Natural Lakes

Basic element in Large-mouth Bass Techniques is location of fish in different times of the year. This wills determent what kind of lures you will use in order to be successful. If you are fishing Natural lakes these are the primary locations where you should look for that big one:

– Early Spring is when snow starts to disappear and water is still cold. Large-mouth Bass is usually located in shallow mud-bottomed bays, channels and harbors that warm earliest. This is time when fish is spawning and it generally happens in protected bays and shorelines with a firm bottom.

– Summer and Early Fall, as water gets warmer, Large-mouth Bass moves to deeper parts of the lake on open sections. Another favorite spots are weed-lines; humps and points that have weedy or rocky cover and slope gradually into deep water.

– Late Fall and Winter marks the time when water starts to cool of. Best locations to look for fish at that time of the year are points, humps and other structure that slopes rapidly into deep water. You should also check inside turns along break lines and shallow flats on warm days.

So be prepared with the lures that can answer all requirements of the lakes structure. Adapt your Large-mouth Bass Tactics to water conditions and always have, at least, 3-4 different kinds of lures ready. You never know what is going to work that day. Good thing about Large-mouth Bass is active almost whole day, so you are not limited just on certain times of day, like with some other species.

Source by Gavin Mur

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