Kayak Fishing First Time Fail

So I borrowed a friends Kayak to try it for the first time. I liked fishing out of the Kayak but could not pull a bass out of the lake I went to. The lake was bad, or I was really bad, either way, it was tough. I will be back in a kayak to redeem myself and will not be going back to that lake ever again. If you don't get out there and explore, you will never know what you are missing!

Kayak Fishing First Time Fail

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Good Luck n Catch a Bunch !

Randy Yancey


  1. That was cool! I’m glad you got yourself out there on a kayak. It’s a whole
    different experience which I really enjoy. Thanks for sharing your

  2. Glad u had fun but if that was here I San Antonio u need to try fishing for
    reds now that’s fishing. Now about the truck u drive. Nice lol let me know
    if ur planing to try for the reds hope to see u there

  3. Hey it’s Troy, huge fan, hey I would recommend using z-man trailers cus
    they are those long lasting elastic trailers that are buoyant wich gives
    your bait a better action, you schould checkem out they are super tough and
    you will loose 75%less claws off your craws to thore short striking bass

  4. 1st time when I tried my Macski Kayak, fishing out in the ocean, well yeah
    I capsized and no fun at all.. lost most of gears & paddled my arms
    off coming back in high wind condition. I need to go back again, this time
    on pro angler like your just to be safe… 

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