Kayak Bass Fishing with the YakAddicts

Bass Fishing with Kayaks can get you into some of the hardest to reach places there is. But when you get there the rewards can be great fishing.

Donate for Flood Relief – http://bit.ly/29ORa6AFloodRelief
Kayak Bass Fishing – http://bit.ly/29ykNqiKayakBassFishing
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  1. Thank you. I live in WV. Was lucky to have not been hit by the flood but thank you for plugging the tournament to help our state. Love you videos. Can't wait for my shirt!!! Thank man!

  2. We don't have bowfin here, so I'm not familiar with them at all. Thats why I ask, how come you did not just grab the bowfin on the lip? You seemed hesitant to handle it directly, so I am guessing they have teeth?

  3. my grandma lives in west Virginia and her whole yard was flooded. I was there at her house right after the flood and it was bad. She lives in levaisy. Near richwood where the whole cherry river flooded

  4. Thank you and Chad for reaching out to the flood victims in WV. My family lives in Rainelle, WV, and many friends there have lost everything!!! Thank you for caring and being willing to use your talent as a way to reach out!!! If you ever find yourself up in the great Mountain State let do some fishing!

    I've thoroughly enjoyed learning from your videos over the past few months since I've found your channel! Keep up the great work, Gene!

  5. I snapped my omen casting backwards and settings the hook JUST LIKE THAT. So frustrated… But I still landed the fish! Mine ended up being a dink though. Haha

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