Jerkbait Tips And Tricks For Bass fishing

How to fish a Jerkbait correctly and tips and tricks to help you catch more!


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  1. Hey man I love the mcstick just as much as any JB fisherman, I work at bass pro, and we just got in the new Suspending Smithwick Pro Rogues, they dont have a weight distribution chamber like the Mcstick, but these bad boys only cost 4.99 and they are a very very productive JB. Just a thought of something for you to try out, I can say with reasonable confidence that you wont be disappointed. Nice Vid 

  2. @LimitFisherman48 Both would be great. I have quite a few Rapala floating jerk baits, and as for Floating Soft Plastics, they're pretty new to me so I have never fished them, so that would be awesome!! Thanks man!

  3. @Jbay2608 Yeah sure! I hope to get a video out for you next week. Would you want me to talk about soft plastic jerkbaits or hard jerkbaits that float? I will probably talk about both

  4. Subscribed, I hope you're gonna do some more videos. As for the baits, can you do one about fishing the floating jerk baits. I have a lot of them so I would love to hear what you think about using them!!

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