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Jerkbaits are know as one of the top Winter techniques. The colder the water gets, the better a jerkbait is. Just remember to slow down and pause longer as the water temps decline.


Published by Randy

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  1. Hey Russe, I am up here in the Northeast where the water temps are around 32-38 degrees right now haha, some ice starting to form. I've fished cold water quite a bit in the Winter and Spring, do you think at those low temperatures a Jerkbait would still be effective? I feel like with those water temps the fish would be too lethargic and slow, even if you had a super slow retrieve and pauses. I've never tried Jerkbaits, I mostly slow roll Chatterbaits, throw Jigs, or use flutter spoons.

  2. hey man great vid.  I was just wondering what the best setting for filming bass vids.  And that if i have a higher fps does that mean when i slow down the fps it will capture better frames.  haha idk can you just give me some tips please

  3. Nice video.  Once the ice is gone, I will try jerkbaits up here.  I liked the point regarding the area where you were fishing and the depth locator showing the structure.  That point helps us by giving us something we can adapt to lakes in the areas that we fish.  Also, I have a suggestion, I know your wife is good with a baitcasting outfit.  Maybe you could have her give tips on how to use baitcasting outfits, or other fishing tips, in the future.  There are most likely other girls and woman that may find the baitcasting outfits complicated or hard to use.  Maybe your wife could offer tips that made it easy for her.  My wife likes to use the Zebco 33, which is ok, but there are times that a baitcasting outfit (a winch on a rod) can get those fish to the boat.

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