This episode provides tips and techniques that can be used when fishing for Australian Bass. The gear used was light spin gear. Rods around the 7 foot mark and reels up to the 2500 size are perfect for this type of fishing. We were using Cicada imitation surface lures, but any lure that replicates a natural food source is always a chance for a hit.

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15 replies on “Inside Fishing: Australian Bass on Surface lures”

  1. I was wondering if cheaper versions of the cicada lure work iv got a couple
    scumpop cicadas 65mm but havnt used them yet iv just been using sammy 65
    and also sone new berkley scumdog 48 mm which is a walk the dog lure but
    isnt as fat as the sammy even in the 68 mm size

  2. The general way of finding spots is use google earth and then find spots
    that are reasonably hard to get to so that they arnt over fished i live
    next to the nepean river and we do get a few bass up to about 25-30 cms but
    if you wanr the real good bass you have to yak up or down river for at
    least half an hour

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