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Here is a video from a few days after i missed that huge smallmouth bass, to make up for it i caught a monster Largemouth Bass! my PB is 7.13lb and this is for sure my second largest coming in at 6.65lb! I switched from flouro to braid and from the palomar knot to the fish n fool knot! I couldn’t be more happy!

rod: Escalade HD 6’6″ IM8
reel: abu garcia cardinal stx30
line: 10lb braid spider
hook: 1/16th oz wacky rig hook 3/0
bait: watermelon seed yum dinger
air temp: 60degrees
time: 7:00am

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  1. F' ya! That's what I'm talking about, good deal man (2:54). Now that's really got me motivated to be moving back to WA. To bad you weren't doing the NW regionals (TourneyX). He'd definitely would've got you a high placement for the mth of June.

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