How To Texas Rig & How To Fish It To Catch Largemouth Bass – Facts of Fishing THE SHOW

Pro Angler, Host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW and Bassmaster Emcee Dave Mercer explains how to Texas Rig and manages a few decent largemouth bass on a tough bite.


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  1. @Yoyofactor37, It's a fisherman joke. When people take pictures of fish they hold it closer to the camera or at a certain angle to make the fish look bigger.

  2. I agree … I thinking he's missing the whole point of fishing …. this is hauling. He should try fishing with a fly outfit or at least throw on 3lb tippet line as a leader. He'll appreciate fishing better. …pity he seems like a great guy to be out on the water with.

  3. I like this dudes vids but I don't like the way he rips the fish out of the water by the line. Dude the whole weight of the fish is hanging from his jaw… seriously?

  4. Great video!!! Btw you should put them back in the water slowly to put water back in the gills like he did with the last fish. That's only of you have them out of the water for a few minutes. The first two were only out for a matter of seconds and to drop them back won't hurt them.

  5. @funeralsummer i hope u know lazer sharp and lazer trokar are both by eagle claw and btw he doesnt say the name of the bait but it looks like its by jackell but if he did say it more then once i missed it also

  6. watching folks use these super stiff heavy rods really makes me cringe haha I mean, its a free country and you can do what you want, but its not like micropterus salmoides is THAT strong… oh well as long as you're having fun

  7. @bassbeast117 Nope. Trokar is Eagle Claws "Premier" brand of bass hooks. I've been working in fishing retail for 4 years now, trust me. Why do you think all of the Pros using Trokar are also sponsored by Eagle Claw?

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