How to Fish for Spring Bass

As the warm weather rolls in, so do the fish, and in this video, Travis will show you how to flip shallow water for some big Bass. The best bait for this is V&M’s Flat Wild. This bait features a ribbed design as well as a tail, and two legs. All causing the perfect amount of water displacement to attract these fish.

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  1. I've been looking at shaky head jig vids, this rig seems to be the same idea, just more parts or steps to rigging it; is there an advantage to the special hook with a pegged weight over a shaky head jig?

  2. I love this series from LTB and of corse the liquid living series from the how 2's to the straight entertainment and genuine friendly and fun personality that is the legend Travis Moran. Always fun to watch.

  3. Most of my fishing is done in the river close to the house. I find that most bass videos are about lakes. Our river is flooded this year and there is a lot of brush and cover, but always some current. Can you make a video featuring river bass fishing?

  4. I live in door county wisconsion and love fishing for smallmouth. Currently the water is still really cold and bass are still out deep. what should i use for smallmouth when they come in and prepare for spawning

  5. God bless πŸ‘ thank you for Sharing this video it was a big blessing seeing somebody with so much passion to share his knowledge and wisdom for beginners out there I'm already hook ready to get the big oneπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

  6. So, when your fishing in all that brush, what are your tips for not getting snagged? When I fish brush I always get stuck and break my like getting it out. Mostly when I'm bank fishing. Or what are your tips of getting them out?

  7. great video.. i have similar baits.. kvd series… but not allot of cover in my local lake.. i know there's a bunch of underwater growth because I'm constantly hooking it with crank baits… but I'm having trouble getting bites with these baits.. any tips?

  8. I got so frustrated using these plastic crawfish, just realized I've been using them totally wrong. Thanks for the informative video!

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