How to catch Big Bass!

How to catch Big Bass!


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  1. Appreciate the analogies and your articulation…Learned so much from these videos it's insane. I'll definitely implement these techniques/methods next time I go fishing!

  2. this video is great. but i am a beginner and i wanted to know if you can make a video to show things that i could start out with? i go fishing 4-6 hours a day and i want to go pro one day.

  3. Love the video! Very good! I have a question: how about 7" senkos? I think they may be better for big fish than 5" senkos and can attract them from far away. It's actually Mike Long's second favorite lure (right after jigs) foi catching giant bass.

  4. Thanks Nick, appreciate the tips. I fish CenTex lakes, high pressure lakes with threadfin shad the main forage. For quite some time now three bites was a good day just beatin the banks! I'm gonna give this big bait technique a shot and let you know how it pans out. Thanks again.

  5. man! I went bass fishing today for like 4 hours and only had 2 bites.. I will see them following my lure but they wouldn't bite! idk what the hell happened today :/ I used 3 different lures a frog , a plastic warm and big sardine I felt two bites with the worm but no catch

  6. Hey IF, great video. One thing i would suggest for new guys using frogs. Is wait a second prior to setting the hook. I've lost a bunches of fish early on in my fishing career to setting the hook on the blow up. Now i wait maybe a half a second longer and nowadays loose very few hookups.

  7. Definitely love the advice. Ive watched many of your videos. Gain constant knowledge from them. Thank you for the tips and advice. Love your page on facebook also.Only question. Ive been using a lot of Lews brand rods and reels. Not many pros talk about the brand. and I was told they were as good as Abu Garcia. Do you think they are any good or should I steer more towards Abu Garcia and duckett brands??I know the equipment doesn't make the fishermen but I also know it helps to have good quality equipment.

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