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When it comes to the subject how to catch bass, there are many answers that can be provided. This is because the season of the year will have a lot to do with the tactics involved. Also, whether your use live bait or whether you are using lures plays a large part in the process. And then there is the issue of whether you are on the shoreline or if you are in a boat. For clarity’s sake, we’ll look at the some of the most common ways people catch bass and provide a detailed explanation of them. And, yes, you may even be able to catch bass like a pro once you understand a few simple concepts.

When it comes to fishing off the shoreline of a lake, your best bet is to go after bass as the sun rises in the morning and as the sun sets at night. This is because bass utterly loathe bright sunlight and once the sun rises they will move into the reeds or other areas of cover. During the hot summer months, it would be best to use top lures known as “poppers” as bass will feed on anything and everything that moves on the surface during this time of year. Poppers make sounds like a wounded fish on the surface of the waters and attract the bass’ attention right away. Now, when the weather gets a little colder, you can use a rubber nightcrawler (worm) with a lead head. This worm will splash on the surface and sink down to the bottom of the lake. Yank it up and crank the reel a few times bring the nightcrawler in. The nightcrawler will cover the top, middle, and bottom of the lake drawing the attention of bass at all depths.

If you are using a boat, the time of day does not matter. The ways how to catch a bass using a boat simply involve casting a leaded nightcrawler, crank bait, or other lure into the reeds, brush, or other structure on the shore. Since bass are protected by the cover they will rest there all day. If they are highly populated in a particular lake they will hit all day.

Now, at certain times of the year such as spawning season, bass simply won’t hit very often since they are not hungry. However, they can still be caught provided they are antagonized into striking. How to catch a bass in this manner involves the use of spinnerbaits, rubber snakes, and other similar lures can nudge a bass into striking simply because they bother the bass. However, it still is not easy to draw a bass into chasing such a lure so it needs to land close to where the fish actually is.

This is just a brief overview of how to catch bass. The tips are simple but they work. In fact, with a little experience, they will help you catch a bass like a pro in no time. So, why not head out to the lake and give the strategy a try?

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