Thanks for watching today’s video. Sorry it took me so long to get a new one up. I’ve been busy on that work and fishing grind, but I love it! Huge S/O to Dan for showing me around his local pond waters and doing 99.9% of the tip-up labor. This dude is basically a guide when it comes to tip-up fishing. I know that this may not be the most eventful video yet but I still hope you enjoyed! Tune in for some ice fishing as this LONG Illinois winter pushes on. Stay tuned homies.
—Young Plugg

Song: Pillow Talk — Artist: Jeff Kaale
Song: Save It — Artist: Mo Vibes

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Weather Conditions:
Precipitation: None
Sky: Strong overcast with afternoon sun
Air Temperature: 38-40oF
Wind: 10mph
Time: 8am-3:45pm CT

Tip ups: Beaver Dam tip-ups
Hooks: VMC Treble
Auger: StrikeMaster Lazor Mag
Fishfinder/flasher: Vexilar FL-18
Rod: 24” Langer Rods Ice Rod
Reel: Shimano Sienna 500D
Line: 4lb Seaguar Invizx
Spoon: Sweetish Pimple
Bait: Large shiners/large bullheads


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  1. I live in the South, so I've never been "ice" fishing.
    The rod and reels that you use are much smaller than normal. I'm guessing that it's because you are fishing right over the hole, but since the reel is smaller, are you using  smaller # test line?
    If so, what is the reason for that. I can only imagine that since it's so cold that the fish aren't fighting as much as they would be in the summer.

  2. hey john b. i love watching your videos and i live in saint Charles illinois right by you and i have this great pond by my house that has pike walleye bass and just about anything in it. i was wondering if you ever get the time if you would want to come fishing with me.

  3. thank you so much for your videos John! ! I just had a quick question: I live in SC and it's in the low 40s and sunny. I am going fishing at an 800-acre lake with a rocky bottom. what lure should I throw for bass? I would really appreciate it!

  4. 5:35 time mark. What does he mean by roaches? I can't imagine using roaches as bait. Is it a type of fish? Or slang for some other kind of bug? Or does he honestly mean that he is using cockroaches as bait? Never tried ice fishing so I'm curious.

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