GoPro Underwater Video of Spawing Bass. Spring Bass Fishing Tips.

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Sight fishing can be very challenging and rewarding during the Spring. I have learned alot about the characteristics of a largemouth by filming them underwater while they are on their beds with my GoPro. Take a look at some of the underwater footage I got this Spring.


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  1. Thabks for all your vids man. I've been watching them since you started posting. And I can say, I've never seen someone catch more big fish consistently with such aggressive bites. Keep it up! 

  2. Russ, I have a go pro with a waterproof case.  Did you drop it down on a line or on the end of a pole?  I'm not too willing to drop my expensive camera down in the water for fear I won't get it back.  But I want to try this so I am looking for tips.
    I don't suppose you could wifi to the camera and see what it saw while it was under water could you?

  3. Great video but I would like to see you more in your videos! Why don't you weigh your fish? Just wondering . I use Berkly havoc pitboss with a tunkstin and it works great I use green pumpkin and different kinds of blue.

  4. Nice vids. I'm from Alabama and have caught a load of nice bass, but nothing like your constantly pulling in. What body of water are you fishing in? 

  5. One little trick to try is fly fishing lead sold on a spool to weigh your plastics down slowly to give a slower descent. Its killer! The trick is to super glue it towards the middle of the shaft of the hook so that you could have an more even sink . You can solder it as well. Great for a spinning set up and lighter line.

  6. i destroyed it last year all summer on yum dingers and the strike king ones. smokey shad color t rigged and wacky. big bass too. i caught a 2 pound one a few days ago on a yomamoto senko swin in smoking shad color. 

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