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In the fall of the year, many outdoors people begin to concentrate on things other than fishing and this is a mistake. The fall is the best time of year for catching fish and in this article I’m going to outline some fishing techniques that will help you do just that. While many people are focusing on activities like sitting on a couch watching football, stomping around the woods hunting or performing menial yard work you need to be spending your fall fishing.

Sports vary from season to season, but the beautiful thing about fishing is that as long as you vary your fishing techniques you can continue fishing and catching fish in any season. As fall approaches and kicks into high gear, many species of fish tend to “stock up” on food before long cold days of winter. This is why fishing can be so productive in the fall of the year. The following fishing techniques will help you catch more fish.

  1. Use Live Bait – In the fall of the year, live bait is extremely effective. The fishing technique is to rig your live bait on gang hooks. This is a great technique when fishing in the flowing water of a river or stream with a live worm as bait. The gang hooks are attached to your line using a small barrel swivel and small split shot sinkers are added for weight above the barrel swivel. The goal is to have your offering bounce along the bottom as it flows naturally with the current. This fishing technique is effective for both trout and smallmouth bass.
  2. Lighten Your Line – This is important at all times of the year, but in the fall it seems even more important. A great technique is to use fishing that’s as light as you can. The lighter your fishing line, the more bites you will receive, it’s as simple as that. Do you realize that whatever pound test your fishing line is is the amount of dead weight that line will hold without breaking. This means if you’re using six pound test fishing line your line will hold six pounds of weight without breaking, and this doesn’t take into account the fact that your rod and drag help to take pressure off of you fishing line as well. The point is that you should lighten your fishing line as much as possible.
  3. Use Mother Nature To Your Advantage – When it comes to fishing techniques this may be the most important. So, how do you use Mother Nature to your advantage? This is easier than you might imagine and when it comes to fishing techniques this one is as good as it gets. What you need to do is learn the simple ways the weather and moon impact fishing. These two forces of Mother Nature have as much to do with you catching fish as what kind of bait or lure you use. Use Mother Nature to your advantage in the fall of the year, and your catch rates will increase dramatically.

When it comes to catching fish in the fall, these tips will help you tremendously. Use one or all of them sooner rather than later and find out for yourself just how effective these fishing techniques are. The fall of the year is not only a great time of the year for fishing, but the scenery in most area’s is as good as it gets as well.

Source by Trevor Kugler

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