Fishing Lures – Artificial Frog Review

Every tackle box usually has an interesting assortment of artificial lures to choose from. Mine is no different than anyone else’s I suppose, as it has more colors and shapes and sizes inside than I ever hope to use. But I cannot resist buying yet another fishing lure that I may use at least once. You never know, that new and shiny lure could be the one that helps me hook the big one.

My recent acquisition was an artificial frog. I had lost my favorite frog a couple of years back and didn’t have the heart to replace it. That is until my latest purchase of lures. It was a Harrison-Hoge Superior Frog. Heck, if it is superior then I must need it in my fishing arsenal. Yet it wasn’t the name that sold me on my purchase.

There are many types of artificial frogs out there, some with hard or soft bodies and some with legs or skirts. I have tried several of them and I have to say that the Harrison-Hoge Superior Frog has the most realistic look thus far. Note to self… if I think it looks like a frog, I can assume the bass must too. This frog has a soft, pliable, rubber body with legs that would make a sailor whistle with glee. In the water, this frog will right itself to an upright position and the legs move around freely with each crank.

There are many frog styles to choose from including green/white, brown, chartreuse, holo-green, and holo-chartreuse. Also you can choose from either the 3/8 ounce or 5/8 ounce weight. I purchased the green/white and holo-chartreuse models in both weights.

I found no disappointment on the arrival of my lures. These frogs look and act like the real thing in the water. Another major improvement over artificial frogs I used in the past is the weedless hook. This is a top-notch, superior weedless hook that I have run through a wide variety of water grasses and lilies with no issue. It always stays in place, which is what you should be looking for in any lure with a weedless hook.

All-in-all I rank the Harrison-Hoge Superior Frog at the top of the bass food chain and would recommend it as a must for any bass anglers tackle box.

Source by Dean Carl

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